The Jet Black Ink Solution

If you've seen a couple of my recent Facebook posts, you know that I went on a quest for a compass -- not the "where's north" type of compass, but the "draw a circle" type of compass. The reason I wanted one is to make drawing concentric circles easier. Compasses are very good for that. You could even say that circle drawing the raison d'etre of the compass. Concentric circles make a very nice framework... Read more →

Oh Hello - It's the New Year

Already nine days into the new year! How'd that happen? Anyway, things are in full "goal setting and yearly planning" mode at the old workplace, and for once I think it's okay. Then again, "things" are continuing to continue, so who knows? I should know more shortly. I've decided that either way, it's all good. If it goes one way, I have a big old brand new challenge and adventure; if it goes the other... Read more →

Pisces II and III

As I mentioned last week (I think), a colleague of mine asked me to design a Zentangle - Pisces tattoo. Thanks to those of you who gave me great feedback on Pisces I! I went ahead and looked at lots if online images before trying again, and here are the next two efforts. Pisces II is more... Um... Zentangle-ly? than Pisces III, but Pisces III incorporates the "H"-looking symbol for Pisces. So. What do you... Read more →

Lots of Love

Christmas was wonderful, of course. We packed up the car and the cat after a leisurely breakfast and spun on down to the beach. Once we unloaded, I set up Target Tree. Just as I draped the last bit of silver bead, SonnyeBoy walked in the door. Hugs ensued. Then we opened presents! Everything was a hit! Santa brought me just what I asked for, as you can see. The feast at my sister's house... Read more →

Working for Scale

So...... Prior to the All-Hands last Wednesday, one of the VPs asked everyone to brag about our "personal accomplishments" for the year. I got all brave, thought "what the hell", listed my Zentangle stuff as my accomplishment, and directed her to my Flickr set. She grabbed four of the images and put them in her presentation of everybody's accomplishments. Everyone ooh'd and ahh'd over everyone's accomplishments -- it was a nice thing, as these things... Read more →

Lazy Me

Well, it is almost four o'clock in the afternoon and I am still in my jammies! Yep, lazy lazy me. Joe went grocery shopping earlier, and now he is out and about -- at last text he was enjoying a beverage at a joint in Frederick. I, on the other hand, have not stepped outside. I have an excuse. I went to my grand-niece's wedding yesterday evening and danced myself silly. It really was a... Read more →

Weekend Recap

Anyhow, back to the weekend. We simply bounced from one fun-filled activity to the next! Friday night I had dinner with my high school pals. We had a little bitty room all to ourselves, which was terrific because the rest of the restaurant was filled with other large parties, including one party of 40! The restaurant was a nice Italian joint that has the most wonderful limoncello tartufo... sigh. Saturday was, of course, pancake day,... Read more →