Last night I attended a Zoom gathering of folks I used to work with many long years ago. I hadn't seen some of them in a zillion years. Some of them probably didn't know who I was. On the other hand, some of my good friends were there. We filled each other in on when we worked there and what we had done since and what we're doing now. I also get together with my... Read more →

Deep Cleansing Breath of Fire

I advised a friend who was having a frustrating day to take a nice, deep cleansing breath of fire. Turns out I needed one too. An email started it all - a client support person emailed me about a topic in our documentation portal. The client had gone looking for it and found that it had been replaced with a similar topic that was not what he was looking for. It's kind of complicated... Read more →

Change Is Good

Change is good! Embrace it! Welcome it! Oh God. I got a new work laptop today. My old one was over four years old, which apparently makes it quite the senior citizen. My old computer and I got along fine. I knew where everything was and how it worked; Windows 7 and I were pals. My files where all organized just the way I wanted them. The computer behaved itself, for the most part -... Read more →

The Joys of Blood Work

So, I have to get blood work done before each of my chemotherapy sessions. Normally I make an appointment at the lab up the street from me. I try to get in pretty early because I don't particularly enjoy fasting and abstaining on the day appointed. Well, I waited a little too long this time and the earliest time I could get was 10:00 Thursday. Oh well. Then I realized that I work obligations on... Read more →

Of Apartments, Work, and Beer

Here I am, typing away in our cute little office, with our newly hung woodcut of Frank Zappa hanging on the wall to my left and the cat all bread-loafed on top of the printer. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is on the TV -- I can see and hear it just fine from here. I really love our apartment. It's just big enough -- we have plenty of room... Read more →

Valentine's Day, Cool Sites, and Other Randomness

So, Valentine's Day came and went, didn't it? Joe, that sneak, slipped a card and some Ghiradelli chocolates on the kitchen table while I was in the shower and then went back to bed. I, therefore, bought his card and a Toblerone after work. When we got home from our super-romantic dinner at a local barbeque joint, I slipped them on the kitchen table while he was communing with the feral cats. Hah! I can... Read more →

A Dear John Letter to Comcast

Dear Comcast, I'm sorry to have to do this, but you give me no choice. I know we've had a long, mutually satisfying relationship -- a relationship built on shared expectations, a relationship of give and take, a relationship full of kept promises. You brought so much to the relationship. It was so simple at first, so easy. As the relationship deepened, we added new things to it. There was trust; there was hope. Yes,... Read more →

That Number Is Unlisted Now

Joe and I got new phones this week, the snazzy Palm Pre Plus, our very first smartphones. Although the phones were free (Woo!), the mandatory data plan will increase our phone bill by a fat chunk o' change each month. Therefore, I have resolved to use lots and lots of unlimited data so that I get my money's worth. Look out, YouTube! Anyway, we did run into a couple of snags, the most notable being... Read more →

Can You Tell I'm A Little Bored?

All right, I've caved. I joined Twitter and promptly found a bunch of people to follow, and several of those folks are now following me! I feel like I'm in a Verizon ad, only with far fewer followers behind me. But what the heck, it's another new toy. Feel free to follow me -- no guarantees on how often I'll drop a breadcrumb of wisdom. Actually, no guarantees on the wisdom either. You might have... Read more →