The Rising

On our fourth day in Dublin, Joe and I went on an Easter Rising walking tour. During the walk, our guide Rory took us to landmarks around Dublin that were important during the Rising. Rory tells us all about the Rising The Easter Rising, for those who don't know, was an armed rebellion led primarily by the Irish Republican Brotherhood against the British occupation of the country. On April 24, 1916, at noon, Patrick Pearse... Read more →


The whole raison d'etre for our trip to Ireland was so that my sister could visit Avoca, the Irish village where the BBC series Ballykissangel was filmed. I found a great tour that stopped in Avoca, so off we went! We had a small group, only nine people. We took the train to Wicklow - a beautiful trip along the east coast of Ireland - and then picked up our coach. Well, we were supposed... Read more →

Celtic Crosses

Once St. Patrick converted the Irish from pagan to Christian, they went all in with their new religion, but they didn't forget the old one. The Celtic cross combines the Celtic circle, representing the sun and moon, and the cross, representing Christ. We visited several places with amazing Celtic crosses, notably the monastic ruins at Glendalough and Monasterboice. St. Kevin's cross was carved from a single piece of stone. It's said that if you can... Read more →


Today, at just about 3:00, all my energy ran out of my body. I soldiered on until 4:30 and then I went home, gave the damn cats their treats, and sat in the recliner. So now, at 11:00 PM, I will do my Holidailies post with a picture of one of the two beautiful lakes in Glendalough, located in Wicklow Mountains National Park, Ireland. I'll post more about this ancient area soon, but for now,... Read more →


It occurs to me that I have not written very much about our trip to Ireland last September. Well, that is not acceptable! So let's get to the important stuff first: the pubs. The first pub we went to was the Palace Bar, which was two doors down from our hotel. Established in 1823, it was the second home to a lot of famous Irish writers and newsmen. We enjoyed it a lot! The kitchen... Read more →

The Sacred Sites

What would it have been like, I wonder, to be standing at the back of the cold dark tomb on top of the hill in Newgrange, waiting for dawn on the shortest day of the year, to see the shaft of sunlight pierce the rockbox at the entrance and slide like a snake of light straight down to where you were standing? What would it have been like, I wonder, to be standing on the... Read more →

Singing Cows and Oh, So Much Chocolate!

The weekend saga continues! We got up fairly early on Sunday -- mostly because none of us slept all that well -- and had breakfast in the hotel "bistro". The bistro was pretty much a souped up Starbucks stand, but the coffee and scones were good and the server was friendly. After breakfast, we checked out and headed back to Hershey to visit Chocolate World, the semi-free chocolate store in between Giant Center and HersheyPark.... Read more →

Caed Mile Failte

Last night Joe looked at me and said, "We're actually going!" Yes, yes we are. We are going to Ireland. In a little over three weeks, we'll board an airplane, fly to Dublin, check in to our hotel, and begin a seven-day adventure. We have wanted to do this for years and years. Twelve years ago, we almost did! We looked at websites, figured out an itinerary, contacted the tour operator for details and pricing,... Read more →

A Brief Travelogue

Whew! I almost let another month get away from me! So what have we been up to? Well, we're still exploring, so here are just a few pictures of our explorations. First up, we visited Glencairn Museum, an amazing castle full of medieval art and antiques. A fellow named Raymond Pitcairn built it between 1928 and 1939 to be the family home. Imagine! Those windows at the left are huge, beautiful stained glass. (If you're... Read more →

Had Bad on Bourbon Street

I kinda fell down on that whole NaBloPoMo thing, didn't I? But I was at a conference! In New Orleans! I had a colonoscopy! And then we got a new kitty! No, not at the same time, although that might have been interesting. I'll tell you more about the latter two events in another post. LavaCon is a technical communication conference targeted to content strategists, tech comm managers, UX designers, and those sorts of folks.... Read more →