A Dual Celebration

The day after I finished chemotherapy, we threw some stuff in a bag, dropped the cats at the vet, and jumped onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Our destination? The Omni Bedford Springs Resort, where we spent our 35th wedding anniversary. This year is our 38th, so we decided to celebrate the end of chemo and our anniversary with a big old splurge. So we went back to Bedford Springs. Our room was in the historic wing,... Read more →

Our Chicago Problem

Well, it wasn't exactly our Chicago problem, as in Joe and Mary's Chicago Problem. No, it was really American Airlines' Chicago Problem, and they solved it quite nicely. We were on our way home from Weetacon (more on that lovely weekend later) and connecting to our flight to Philly. We had a rather tight connection at O'Scare O'Hare and had to make the trek from Concourse L to Concourse H quickly - not quite a... Read more →

So I Went On Vacation...

I've been off work for the last week; I go back to work tomorrow. Bah. Anyway, we went down to Ocean City last Sunday for the week. Of course, it was wonderful, even though I only went down to the actual beach twice. And even then, I only went down to take short walks along the water. I didn't really swim or sunbathe. But you know what? It was fine. The weather was really hot... Read more →

Irish Urban Art

Before we moved up to the Philly area, I rode the DC Metro Red Line to work every day. For quite awhile, I took pictures of the urban art that appeared along the way. I really haven't done that since we moved. There are some impressive pieces along I-95 and I-76, but we're usually traveling way too fast for me to capture a decent image. When we were in Dublin, though, I was able to... Read more →

All the Books

On our last day in Dublin, we walked over to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. We had "skip the line" tickets -- I was really glad that I got them, too. The line was long and it was drizzling, so the fact that we could walk right up and go in was a real bonus, and kept us from succumbing to damp crabbiness. Still, it was crowded. Trinity has set up the... Read more →

Meeting at the Meeting of the Waters

Between Avoca and Glendalough is a tiny jewel of a park: the Meeting of the Waters. At this point, the River Avonbeg ("small river" in Gaelic) and the River Avonmore ("big river") join to form the River Avoca ("Avoca"). The meeting at the Meeting of the Waters The River Avoca is straight ahead, with the River Avonbeg to the right and the River Avonmore to the left. Behind is the wee park, which features a... Read more →

The Rising

On our fourth day in Dublin, Joe and I went on an Easter Rising walking tour. During the walk, our guide Rory took us to landmarks around Dublin that were important during the Rising. Rory tells us all about the Rising The Easter Rising, for those who don't know, was an armed rebellion led primarily by the Irish Republican Brotherhood against the British occupation of the country. On April 24, 1916, at noon, Patrick Pearse... Read more →


The whole raison d'etre for our trip to Ireland was so that my sister could visit Avoca, the Irish village where the BBC series Ballykissangel was filmed. I found a great tour that stopped in Avoca, so off we went! We had a small group, only nine people. We took the train to Wicklow - a beautiful trip along the east coast of Ireland - and then picked up our coach. Well, we were supposed... Read more →

Celtic Crosses

Once St. Patrick converted the Irish from pagan to Christian, they went all in with their new religion, but they didn't forget the old one. The Celtic cross combines the Celtic circle, representing the sun and moon, and the cross, representing Christ. We visited several places with amazing Celtic crosses, notably the monastic ruins at Glendalough and Monasterboice. St. Kevin's cross was carved from a single piece of stone. It's said that if you can... Read more →


Today, at just about 3:00, all my energy ran out of my body. I soldiered on until 4:30 and then I went home, gave the damn cats their treats, and sat in the recliner. So now, at 11:00 PM, I will do my Holidailies post with a picture of one of the two beautiful lakes in Glendalough, located in Wicklow Mountains National Park, Ireland. I'll post more about this ancient area soon, but for now,... Read more →