Not Quite Ten Things to Sum Up the Last Two Weeks

Okay! I'm back! Here's a bulleted list of not quite ten things that sums up the last couple of weeks. Joe is fine. He went to his primary care doc for a followup a couple days after his fake heart attack, and the doc told him "no more coffee, no more beer, no more cigars." He lasted a day. I don't blame him; I mean, I couldn't give up coffee either. (Beer and cigars? Maybe.)... Read more →

Ten Things; Two Weeks

Been a while, hasn't it? Here are ten things that happened in the last couple of weeks. 1. Let's just get this out of way: work sucks. I'm maintaining, but I'm not doing anything that I remotely enjoy. The one project that I actually want to work on -- indeed, my strategic project! -- keeps getting pushed back. 2. But! Out of the blue the other day, I got an email from a former staffer.... Read more →

Things I Like

Here is a list of things I like, just because it's nice to remind myself that there are such things. Butter pecan ice cream. Sunlight. Lots and lots of sunlight. Watching our herd of unspeakable cats. (Yes! They are all unspeakable cats!) Making bad puns. (To wit: When I saw the film of the seagull perching on the papal chimney, I said, "I guess he has a bird's eye view!" Yes, I will happily stoop... Read more →

What's Goin' On?

Well, here are ten things that have been going on. I didn't get the job in the Virgin Islands. Hell, I didn't even get an interview! It was really just a shot in the dark (the beautiful, beautiful tropical dark), and I'm okay with it. Alas, I did not get cast in the show I auditioned for. I was more disappointed than I thought I would be, but I'm okay with it now. Even though... Read more →

For All Of It

There is a line in one of Rita Mae Brown's novels (I cannot remember which one right now) where a character, upon being stricken with a fatal heart attack, says, "Thank you God, for all of it." We had a quiet Thanksgiving this year -- just Joe and me. My cousin's wife passed on hosting the dinner this year because my cousin is in poor health. SonnyeBoy had to work, so he couldn't come home... Read more →

A Good - No, A Great - Day

Well, I had a great day today. Here are 10 things that made it great. 1. I got about 10 hours sleep last night, for one thing. That hasn't happened in a really long time. Moreover, I woke up five minutes before the alarm went off, felt rested and awake, and got right up. 2. I had the Harris Teeter version of Lucky Charms for breakfast. I love those marshmallow bits, because I am really... Read more →

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

1. Crossed a bridge. 2. Saw beautiful sunsets. 3. Finally took a picture of the Fenwick Island Lighthouse. 4. Loved up on SonnyeBoy. 5. Ate at restaurants with great views and good food. 6. Sat on the beach and watched teenaged boys show off their boogie boarding skills. 7. Walked on the Boardwalk. 8. Rode the big ferris wheel. 9. Did not ride the Slingshot, the Tidal Wave coaster, or the Barf-O-Matic. 10. Observed local... Read more →

Ten Things I've Done This Week

Here's a random sampling of what I've been up to in the last week. 1. I discovered Instagram. This is the result of seeing a reference to it on a forum I frequent, and now voila! I have an account and I've shared pictures and I've followed friends and friends have followed me. Ah, the wonders of the iPhone! (On the other hand, I signed up for Pinterest a while ago, but have yet to... Read more →

Ten Things About The Hurricane

So the hurricane happened; here are ten things about it. 1. SonnyeBoy came home! If there was anything good about having a hurricane, that was it! He had texted us that he would likely show up on Friday, but he surprised us and showed up on Thursday. When he knocked on the door Thursday evening, Joe said, "Oh, it's probably just someone selling something. Don't answer it." So naturally I answered it, and it was... Read more →

Ten Memories About My Pop

Today is my Pop's birthday -- he would be 103 years old if he were alive. My father was funny, mean, loving, alcoholic, smart, reserved, generous... I guess you could say he was complex. I have good and bad memories of him, but since it's his birthday today, I'll share ten good ones: He used to sing to my younger sister and me -- prison songs and old blues, mostly. He told us stories too.... Read more →