Quite a Week

Well, it's been quite a week. Here are ten things about it. My great good friend Judy arrived on Sunday. She was delivering the keynote address and conducting a workshop in nearby Conshohocken, so she came in a couple days early for a visit. Judy treated us to a live taping of the Lovett or Leave It podcast at the Merriam Theater in Center City - it was fabulous! Before the show, though, we had... Read more →

Four Years!

Four years ago today we loaded up the truck and moved to Bev-er-ly! Oh okay; we let some very good movers load up a truck and we moved to Pennsylvania! "So - after four years there, how's it going?" I hear you cry. Well, it's going just fine. Here are ten things about that finery. We still love our apartment; in fact, we just renewed out lease! We now have a different sofa (Ikea, EKTORP),... Read more →

Ten Things I've Done in the Last Month

Well, that was a nice, long break, wasn't it? Let's ease back into the swing of things with ten things I did in the last month. I had my first followup visit with my oncologist. Watchful waiting is still the order of the day -- yay! I'll be getting another suite of CT scans in April to check on the state of my lymph nodes. If all is well, the next checkup will be in... Read more →

Christmas Eve To Do List

It's Christmas Eve! Yay! I have a list of things that I must do: Water the tree (a request from Joe). Wrap the presents and put them under the tree. Stuff the stockings. Bake these cookies. I have never baked them before, so keep you fingers crossed. Run three errands, to wit: fill up my gas tank, pick up a package of AAA batteries, buy a bottle of really good whiskey. Eat a little lunch.... Read more →

Oh Hi Holidailies!

Yay! It's time for Holidailies, that beloved yearly tradition wherein bloggers and/or online journalers and/or diarists solemnly swear to post once a day until the end of the year. It's also a Holidailies tradition to introduce yourself to the group, just in case someone hasn't read your blog. So here we go - ten things about me (because I'm too lazy to do more than that and I conveniently have a category called "Ten Things").... Read more →

Christmas Happened!

Christmas! Here are 10 things about that: Rather than do battle with I-95, we took the train to Baltimore. I even sprang for business class! That car was practically empty, so we had our choice of seats far from the proletariat. We also got free coffee - bonus! This ride was a great present to ourselves; arriving rested and happy beats arriving stressed out and grouchy every time. We even took a cab to 30th... Read more →

Ten Places Where I Would Like to Spend Christmas

Being fresh out of ideas for a post, I clicked the Random Promptinator. Here's what came up: Where do you fantasize spending your perfect December holiday time? It has to be somewhere you've never been before. Well, one is not enough. How about ten? At the top of the list is the Bracebridge Dinner at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park. It's a special Christmas celebration that sounds just wonderful: a seven-course dinner and... Read more →


On June 9, 1911, Mabel Whitney Shauck gave birth to a baby girl named Anna. Yep, Mom would be 104 years old today. Happy birthday, Mom! Here are 10 things about my Mom. 1. She met my Pop when his family moved into the house directly behind hers. She was 8 and he was 11, and she decided right then and there that she was going to marry him. 2. Her first date with Pop... Read more →

At Long Last, Update!

Well, hello there! I, of course, have been meaning to post since the last time I posted, but... Oh, no excuses. I've been shirking. So let's get caught up! The health stuff. I did meet with a nutritionist in my health plan's Diabetes Management Program. She went over the basics about eating properly to control blood sugar, then we discussed the details. It's pretty much low carb, with the allowable carbs (about 90-100 grams a... Read more →

A Year Goes By Like Nothing

One year ago today, this happened: Here are ten things about that momentous day. We got up really early to be ready when the movers arrived. They were a half-hour late. It didn't matter -- they were great! Tom the Foreman explained everything and we pretty much got out the way, busying ourselves with last-minute packing and loading the car with delicate stuff. I was especially impressed with the care they took with my Gramma's... Read more →