Ten Things That Happened Since I Last Wrote a Blog Post

Recovery from Covid Neither of us had bad symptoms; in fact, I tested negative almost immediately. Joe tested negative after a week, but he never got terribly ill. Some Delsym for the cough, ibuprophen for the body aches, NyQuil to sleep and he coped well. So we were both double-tested negative right after Christmas. Speaking of which... Christmas Even though we were all by ourselves, Christmas was still lovely. We gave each other great gifts... Read more →

November in a Nutshell

Yikes! It's the last day of November and nary a blog post in sight. Sigh. I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again, but I hope to post more frequently in the future. Tomorrow is the start of Holidailies 2021 and I have an ace up my sleeve for posts, so I might actually not be lying! Anyway, November has been a good month. Here are 10 reasons why. I took a... Read more →

Ten June Things

Well, June got away from me, didn't it? So here are ten things about it, in no particular order, which is why I'm using a bulleted list as opposed to a numbered list: We celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary with a glorious trip to Skytop Lodge in the Pocono Mountains. (I posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook.) We ate, got massages, hiked, loafed, and swam. While we were wandering around exploring the main lodge,... Read more →

Ten Things About Working From Home

The last time that I worked in my cubicle at the office was March 9. Our company lockdown began on March 10. It ended on October 5, when we were given the choice of going into the office on a staggered schedule or continuing to work from home. Well, that was a no-brainer; I chose to continue working at home. Because of the surge, though, we are now 100% working from home again. I did... Read more →

Ten Things about January

Well! I suppose NaNoWriMo and Holidailies fried my writing circuits for January. I did post on New Year's Day - a photo of a print by Berkeley Breathed - and now it's January 31st. February looms, so I feel I must gird my grid and post something about my birth month. Here goes. Yes, January is my birth month - the 18th, to be exact. I'm 68, oh boy! Did you know that the Number... Read more →

September Came and Went

So, September is pretty much gone. It was a good month. Here are 10 things about it. We started off the month with a trip to Ocean City! It's been over a year since we spent more than a weekend at the beach - this year we managed most of a week. We ate, we lazed about, we went to the beach. I stuck my feet in the ocean, but didn't go swimming or lie... Read more →

Ten Things That Happened in April

It's been quite an eventful month and I am grateful for nothing much to do. Here are ten things of note that happened in April. In early April, Joe and I traveled to Savannah, Georgia to attend an old friend's wedding. The groom is one of Joe's oldest friends, part of a quartet of guys who hung out together during their high school years. We had a very very nice time! The wedding itself was... Read more →

Ten Things I Have To Do This Weekend

Yay! It's the weekend! As much as I would like to stay in my nice warm bed snoozing all weekend, there are things I must do and tasks I must complete. Here are ten of them. Walk, of course, at least once but preferably twice. I had my mind all made up to skip walking tonight, but somehow I did it anyway. Imagine that! Write our Christmas cards. If I'm really energetic, I'll go to... Read more →

Ten Things About My Cancer

It's almost six months since I finished chemotherapy; almost three since my oncologist gave me the good news that I'm in complete remission. My next appointment with her is December 16th. It only requires blood work, yay. The CT scans require more time, drinking some nasty stuff, and breathing/not breathing on command. The only pain involved is the needle stick for the contrast dye. Well, and the fact that the whole shebang is a pain... Read more →

Quite a Week

Well, it's been quite a week. Here are ten things about it. My great good friend Judy arrived on Sunday. She was delivering the keynote address and conducting a workshop in nearby Conshohocken, so she came in a couple days early for a visit. Judy treated us to a live taping of the Lovett or Leave It podcast at the Merriam Theater in Center City - it was fabulous! Before the show, though, we had... Read more →