There's A Story In Here Somewhere: A Contest

My coworker and I took a nice long walk down to the local Cal Tort for lunch today. On the way back, we spotted this newsbox. It's a typical newsbox with typical free publications: Apartment Guide, Yellow Book, New Homes Listings, and... What? Are those... SHOES? Really?? Someone actually left a pair of shoes in the newsbox? Surely not. Let's take a closer look... Yep. Shoes. I can't for the life of me figure out... Read more →

Tell Me Why You're Scared Of Clowns

I belong to a Clown College graduates listserv, and lately there's been quite a good discussion on it about clown makeup, costumes, and why kids are scared of clowns. Some of the folks lament the trend toward more minimal makeup, preferring the old-fashioned full clown makeup, complete with wigs, gloves, big shoes, and loud costume. Others think that the more minimal makeup is the way to go, particularly if the clowning is close to the... Read more →