Game of BorgiaLot

The first season of The Borgias is over, the first season of Camelot ends next week, and the first season of Game of Thrones is barreling towards its finale. I've watched every episode of each, some more than once because of my nasty tendency to fall sound asleep as soon as I go horizontal on the sofa. My whole damn family has this tendency, by the way. If the four of us were to gather... Read more →

The Past Week in Ten Bullet Points

Hey there. It's been a long week. Let me sum up in my favorite form, the bulleted list. I went to a dinner for Joe, who made the President's Club at his retail establishment. The management treated all of the honorees (and a few assorted other folks and management sorts) to dinner at Olive Garden. The honorees also got a goody bag with a new name tag, business cards, and a certificate for a day... Read more →

I Confess

I confess: I love My Fair Wedding. I know. I KNOW! Okay, God. But there it is. I can't help it. I love how David Tutera looks so shy and retiring and humble when his bride and groom go into spasms of thanks during their over-the-top receptions. "Oh David! You've made our dreams come true and you are so awesome and we love you so much!" You just know that a big old "Thank You... Read more →

A Cure for Cranky

Yeah, so today was a cranky-ass day and I responded rather poorly, if I'm honest. The whys and wherefores are irrelevant; the key here is to figure out how to lift myself out of the slough of despond and get back to my regular, annoyingly optimistic and sunny disposition, So, what's on TV? Whacked Out Sports? Nah. Bloopers might be okay another day, but today I have no patience for idiots competing to decide who's... Read more →

What I'm Watching

Ah, television! I am a child of the television era. I grew up watching the tube -- I vaguely remember watching Howdy Doody, but I was much more into Crusader Rabbit and his sidekick Rags the Tiger. Crusader Rabbit was a medieval bunny knight, which might account for my current love of The Tudors. Speaking of The Tudors, I'm sad that it's almost over. We're now on Catherine Parr, Wife Number 6. After spending two... Read more →

I May Be Watching Too Much TV

So I'm watching young beautiful people fling themselves around on a stage and I had an inspiration for a new reality show combining "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Project Runway". You could call it -- wait for it -- So You Think You Have Pants! It's a good thing my Caps played last night instead of tonight, because I hate choosing between fast young men skating and beautiful young people dancing. It's my... Read more →

Ten Things In No Particular Order

1. We got a new refrigerator! Our old one was 21 years old and finally decided to retire. At least it gave us some notice. So we went to the Big Orange Box store and picked out a basic fridge -- no icemaker, no water/crushed ice/frozen margarita dispenser (although I would have totally gone for a frozen margarita dispenser) -- for $459 bucks. We've never bought a new fridge, so I was overly excited over... Read more →

What's On?

My my, there is some good TV happening right now. Even as I type, the season premiere of Mythbusters is on -- cars are crashing into things and buses are careening around tight turns. Crash! Bam! And there's fruit all over the highway! Hey, physics can be fun! Before Mythbusters came on, I caught up with the most recent episode of Friday Night Lights, aka The Best Show on Television. Oh. My. God. Even Joe,... Read more →

Mirror, Mirror...

I've spent a little while in last week or so catching up with Friday Night Lights, my current favorite TV show. For those of you don't know this show, it's a show about high school football in a small Texas town. Except... not really. I mean, football -- especially the high school variety and especially the small-town Texas variety -- is the center around which the story is woven. I love the writing this season.... Read more →

Grey, I Mean, Gray, Friday Love List

Do you ever wonder about the actual correct spelling of "grey"? I mean, is it "grey" or "gray"? Or do I have too much time on my hands? Never mind. Mr. Google told me that "gray" was the American spelling and "grey" is the British spelling. The best comment was this one: "Gray" is a color. "Grey" is a colour. I'm easily amused. Anyway, it's Friday afternoon, and it's very gray and sort of drizzly,... Read more →