Saturday Nine: Bonanza

Saturday 9: Bonanza (1959) Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. 1) Bonanza ran on NBC for 14 seasons. Today it's rerun on Me-TV and TVLand. Were/are you a fan? Not particularly, but my Pop loved it. I'd watch it with him to keep from having to go to bed on Sunday evening. We kids got to watch Wonderful World of Disney, but Pop took over the TV afterwards because of Bonanza. 2) The... Read more →

TV Watching Through the Ages

SonnyeBoy got us a Roku stick for Christmas last year, and I thought "Eureka! I can now catch up on Outlander! Not only that, I can watch Amazon Prime video on the big TV set instead of my computer/laptop/phone!" And so I have. I pretty much binged on the first two seasons of Outlander, and then I had to wait through Droughtlander until Season 3 began in September. Around this time, we switched up our... Read more →

What I'm Watching

Well, Game of Thrones is over. I really enjoyed this season a lot! The finale was especially riveting, what with the destruction of the High Sept, the crowning of Cersei, the new King in the North, and the start of the invasion of Westeros. But now that it's done, what am I watching? Every damn permutation of tiny house show -- Tiny House Nation, Tiny House Hunting, Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Big Living... if... Read more →

New TV To Me

Since I've been sick for most of December, I haven't really felt like being very active. Instead, I've been watching a shitpile of TV. In doing so, I found some great shows that I've totally overlooked! First I found The Big Bang Theory. Reruns are on after The Simpsons reruns, and one night I just didn't switch channels. I'm glad I didn't! I love the four brainy nerdy scientists! Of course they are all completely... Read more →

Things I Am Tempted To Order

I have seen a lot of daytime TV commercials from my sickbed. I'm tempted to order everything just to see if they work. A consumer reporter on our local news does this very thing, but I think it would be lots more fun to do it myself. For example, Tag Away! This product will solve your annoying skin tag problems in a few short weeks. Just dab it on those nasty things -- no matter... Read more →

Someday Perhaps I Shall Get A Tattoo Maybe

One of my current guilty pleasures (yes, I have more than one; shut up) is this "reality" TV show called Ink Master, wherein a bunch of tattoo artists compete for $100,000 and -- even better! -- the title of Ink Master. It is exactly the same as Shear Genius, which was a hairstyling competition and another one of my (many) guilty pleasures, except with needles instead of scissors. There are three judges: Dave Navarro (a... Read more →

Strange But True

Once or twice a week Joe works a late shift, which gives me a chance to watch all of the weirdo reality shows that both fascinate and repel me. I catch up on the toddlers in tiaras, I watch bars being rescued, and I listen to ladies say yes to the dress. Right now I'm watching "Taboo", which is featuring segments on female bodybuilders, a woman who has undergone pretty extreme tattooing and piercing and... Read more →

Game of BorgiaLot

The first season of The Borgias is over, the first season of Camelot ends next week, and the first season of Game of Thrones is barreling towards its finale. I've watched every episode of each, some more than once because of my nasty tendency to fall sound asleep as soon as I go horizontal on the sofa. My whole damn family has this tendency, by the way. If the four of us were to gather... Read more →

The Past Week in Ten Bullet Points

Hey there. It's been a long week. Let me sum up in my favorite form, the bulleted list. I went to a dinner for Joe, who made the President's Club at his retail establishment. The management treated all of the honorees (and a few assorted other folks and management sorts) to dinner at Olive Garden. The honorees also got a goody bag with a new name tag, business cards, and a certificate for a day... Read more →

I Confess

I confess: I love My Fair Wedding. I know. I KNOW! Okay, God. But there it is. I can't help it. I love how David Tutera looks so shy and retiring and humble when his bride and groom go into spasms of thanks during their over-the-top receptions. "Oh David! You've made our dreams come true and you are so awesome and we love you so much!" You just know that a big old "Thank You... Read more →