Sunday Sundry

Things are better at work, which is good because I didn't get the job in St. Thomas. I decided to relax and not get so bent out of shape about shit I have no control over, for one thing. I'm still getting irritated, but hey, none of this is worth getting my bowels in an uproar (as my Pop used to say). I'm trying to breathe and move instead of getting wound up and stuck.... Read more →

Family Fun Time!

My sister threw a Super Bowl party last night and I had a blast! It was not a large affair -- just family, a whole lot of good football food, and four (or five?) glasses of wine. For me. I seldom drink, so those four (or five?) glasses of wine relaxed me quite a bit. We have a lot of fun when we all get together... we crack jokes, share memories, and mostly laugh a... Read more →


Last night, despite the fact that I was recovering from my latest bout of bronchitis, I went to the biggest football game of this season: Redskins versus Cowboys, for the NFC East Division title. Or, as they say, all the marbles. I bundled the hell up too, because Fedex Field is a proper football stadium, meaning that there is no dome to keep out the weather. And last night, at game time, the temperature was... Read more →

Ten Things About Football And Me

1. Today the Washington Redskins beat the Cleveland Browns, putting them in a three-way tie for first place in the NFC East. However, because they have the best division record. I am very happy about this, for I did not expect my team to be in this position! 2. I have been a Redskins fan my whole entire life, mostly because it was a good way to get close to my Pop. If I rooted... Read more →

For All Of It

There is a line in one of Rita Mae Brown's novels (I cannot remember which one right now) where a character, upon being stricken with a fatal heart attack, says, "Thank you God, for all of it." We had a quiet Thanksgiving this year -- just Joe and me. My cousin's wife passed on hosting the dinner this year because my cousin is in poor health. SonnyeBoy had to work, so he couldn't come home... Read more →

Let Me Sum Up

Since I last updated, I have continued this absurd fixation with taking care of myself. I have walked every single day -- one day I even got off the subway one stop early and took the longer walk up the hill to my office. I also started walking to the subway after work instead of catching the work shuttle. I know! I have also lost a smidgeon more weight. So now that it actually seems... Read more →

The Best Game You Can Name: Locked Out

As August fades into September and September slides toward October, I usually start getting excited. Why? Hockey. Not this year. This year the fall appears bleak and gray; the winter looms silent and icy. The NHL has locked out the players. Neither side wants to budge, with the sticking point being the division of revenues. The players currently receive 57%; the owners want to cut that to 47%. In effect, that's about a 17% pay... Read more →

I Ate, I Edited, I Made A Pie

So, the rest of the week happened; it was not as good as Tuesday, but hey, they can't all be winners. It seemed like I was busy busy busy, but it was mostly meetings and seminar pilots. I actually managed to speak up in the meetings I went to, which is unusual for me as I either cannot think of anything worthwhile to say or I can't muster up enough suck-up-ness to spout off about... Read more →

Hockey's Almost Over; It Must Be Summer

Game 6, Eastern Conference Finals. The New Jersey Devils (for whom I am reluctantly rooting) versus the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden. The winner will face the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup Final series; the Cup will be awarded by June 13th at the latest. And then summer will begin. It's a slow withdrawal, this ending of hockey season. Luckily, So You Think You Have Pants Can Dance has started up... Read more →

This and That

In 1937, a gallon of gasoline cost 10 cents -- at least that what the "Finance Fact" on AMC's showing of "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" says. Now it ranges from $3.57 at the WaWa in Beltsville to $4.05 at the Exxon in northwest DC. Then again, folks make more money now than they did in 1937. My mom told me that when the Great Depression hit, her salary was cut in half -- from... Read more →