What's Happening?

Hi! I know, I know; it's been a while. Let's get caught up, shall we? Mom Mom continues to hold her own. This woman is amazing. She can sit in a wheelchair for a couple hours a day and carry on a conversation, but just when you think she might beat back death once again, the conversation takes a turn. I visited her yesterday and she told me she wanted to host Thanksgiving this year.... Read more →

It's A Major Award!

Wow! I've been stung by three Premio Dardos. The lovely and talented Jim, the lovely and talented L'Empress, and the lovely and talented Bev all seem to think I have a good blog or something. I'm really really flattered!! Evidently there are rules: Premio Dardos means “prize darts” in Italian and is awarded for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values in the form of creative and original writing. The rules are as follows:... Read more →

Guest Post: Please Welcome Golf Widow!

Hey, it's my first guest post! Or first post by a guest! Or first guest to write a post! Or something. You know what I mean. Anyway, the lovely and talented Golf Widow has a pretty nifty offer out there, to wit: Donate two bucks to her "I've Just Gotten Laid Off and I'm Panicky" fund and she will write a guest post for you, on the subject of your choice. Well, Golf Widow is... Read more →

Clear, Not Smear

Remember how I complained about my windshield smearers? Let me break it down for you: Windshield smearers + Nighttime + Precipitation = Invisible lane lines = White knuckle commute home After a couple of these, I caved and ordered new super-trick extra-spiffy you-won't-even-know-it's raining windshield wipers from Rainx, because they had a special promotion going wherein I will get a special-extra bonus visibility pack in addition to the wipers. I am all about the visibility,... Read more →

The Spillening and the Signening

I got to Saratoga Springs in spite of massive ice storms and pouring rains and delayed flights, and it was good. Except I kept spilling stuff all over the place. Poised and graceful, that's me. The first calamity happened at BWI while I was waiting to board my flight to Albany. I had carefully chosen my seat so that I could put my medium Cafe Dulce (another version of Crack-in-a-Cup) on the seat beside me.... Read more →

Heading Upstate

Well damn! The Habs just tied it up with 36 seconds left, and I do not like this turn of events AT ALL. I mean, Ovie does have a hat trick, but geez. Oh well -- on to overtime. Wait a sec... WOOO! Ovie scored the winner in overtime! That's his fourth goal of the game and his 43rd of the season and a critical two points for my boys. But hockey is not the... Read more →

Go Out And Listen

Tonight I went to a book signing at a local Barnes and Noble. The book is by Dave Isay, and it's called Listening Is an Act of Love. It's a collection of the interviews recorded for the StoryCorps project -- the same folks who recorded my interview with my Mom. Dave's a fascinating guy, devoted to collecting an oral history of America. Not famous people, not wealthy people or politicians or scientists -- he wants... Read more →

DC Sports Fans, Take Note

Well, I won't limit this little bit of familial promotion to fans of sports teams located in the District of Columbia and its greater metropolitan area, but they are the target audience for the cogent analytical writings of DC Optimist. In the spirit of full disclosure, i will identify said optimist as my highly talented nephew. Check out this post in particular. If you know what's been going with the Washington Wizards (vis a vis... Read more →

Now It Can Be Told

Back in December, I got the following email: Mary, I love your blog. I’d like to discuss a writing opportunity with you. Contact me with your contact information if you’re interested. Thanks. My interest was, as you might imagine, piqued. My scam alert was tingling though, so I checked out the site that the sender referenced. And I called the sender immediately and sent my contact information. In January, I talked to my contact some... Read more →