The 70-Year Challenge

So, that 10-year challenge that's been going around Facebook recently? Well, may I present: The 70-Year Challenge! Yes, I turned 70 years old (and I do mean old) at 3:16 AM today. I think I look pretty much the same, don't you? Well, I do have more teeth, and my hair is darker and longer, and I'm quite a bit taller; but my forehead still goes on for miles, and my eyes still get squinty... Read more →

Dia Box

I've been seeing "sponsored posts" on my Facebook feed from Dia & Co. - an apparel subscription service for women of a certain size. I took a look at the ads and wandered on over to the website, and it looked appealing. I eventually decided, "Aw, what the hell," and filled out their style survey. However, being the suspicious sort, I asked my Facebook tribe if anyone had tried it and, if so, how they... Read more →

Singing Cows and Oh, So Much Chocolate!

The weekend saga continues! We got up fairly early on Sunday -- mostly because none of us slept all that well -- and had breakfast in the hotel "bistro". The bistro was pretty much a souped up Starbucks stand, but the coffee and scones were good and the server was friendly. After breakfast, we checked out and headed back to Hershey to visit Chocolate World, the semi-free chocolate store in between Giant Center and HersheyPark.... Read more →

The Quilt of Memories

This is NOT a sponsored post. No quilts were harmed in the writing of this post. I didn't get paid or anything for writing it. So there. When we to Pennsylvania, we purged our belongings. This purging included scads of tee-shirts. We only kept the ones we wore on a regular basis and the ones rife with sentimental value. I stored the ones rife with sentimental value in a box in the closet. Then, on... Read more →

Won't You Please, Please Help Me?

No, I am not above quoting the Beatles! I was reading DC Blogs yesterday and clicked through to a very funny post from The Big Piece of Cake. The entry was delightful, but what really caught my eye was the blurb at the bottom about a show called Listen to Your Mother. This show is about motherhood, Auditions are being held in February. Auditioners prepare and deliver an essay about motherhood, from being a mother... Read more →

A Dress that Impressed!

I hardly ever wear dresses, but I love them just the same. A good go-to dress is a must -- it can serve for many occasions, from business-y to dressy-y, from daytime to nighttime. It should flatter and feel good. It should fit well, so that you're not always mussing around with it; you know, pulling at the skirt or fiddling with neckline or adjusting a belt or sash. I now have that dress, thanks... Read more →

Shameless Promotion

So the Overlord (my boss's boss) bought everyone in my group a Christmas present -- a copy of The Book! (Well, not me; I've already got a copy. And I know the ending. Heh.) I had a lot of mixed emotions when he announced this at the department Holiday Dinner -- shock, happiness, embarrassment, a little fear, a "there goes my anonymity" feeling, an "oh shit" feeling, giddiness -- you name it. Today he came... Read more →

Not About The Hurricane

Yes, yes, yes... there's a goddamn hurricane bearing down on the east coast. Ocean City is under a mandatory evacuation order, blah blah blah. I will, no doubt, write about the goddamn hurricane, but not now. Now I want to talk about how I helped set a new world record! My great good friend Andrea posted on Facebook about UkeFest 2011 and asked if anyone would like to go with her. Now how, I ask... Read more →

Revelry At Renn Fest

Yesterday I took the lovely and talented Deb up on her offer to get together and off we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. We had a blast! We actually had A Plan, which was to see as many shows as possible, interspersed with eating and drinking. Notice that I did not mention "shopping." While I enjoy browsing in the shops, I have learned that I really have no need for a snood or a... Read more →

Dressing Up

Normally I do not don the fancy duds when I go to a Very Bad Bar, for I like to be comfy when I'm indulging in adult beverages and flinging my ass around the dance floor. But when the opportunity arose to test out and review a dress from the wonderful plus-size fashion house Igigi, I leapt at it like a gazelle escaping from a hungry lion, especially since I got to keep the dress.... Read more →