Weekend Expeditions

We had a very nice weekend, beginning with good news on Friday afternoon: Joe got a job at the LL Bean in King of Prussia Mall! It's part time for now, but Joe is very happy to be employed again. Saturday we continued our research of the area pubs and breweries, this time going to the Craft Ale House in Limerick. I mean, really; how can you not go to a joint named the Craft... Read more →

Kids At The Museum

What's a perfect place for a school field trip? Why, the museum, of course! The coral reef aquarium attracted big crowds -- Nemo and Dorie are crowd pleasers, but the other fish (especially the giant clam) were also popular. Actually, you don't have to be in school to like the coral reef. This little guy and his dad were fascinated. The giant crystal ball is pretty interesting, too. But really, you can't beat the T.... Read more →

Exploring the Sant Ocean Hall

I mentioned in the last post that Joe took me on a private tour of the Sant Ocean Hall, where he's a volunteer docent. It's magnificent! I loved the living coral reef, with Nemo and Dory swimming around the brilliant coral. Psychedelic! I even loved the male giant squid, hanging head down in his case. His is a face -- if you can call it a face -- that only his mother could love. He's... Read more →