Shitty Shoppers

Joe had a tough time at work yesterday evening. Why do normally nice people suddenly turn into rude motherfuckers when it gets close to Christmas? Whatever happened to peace and good will? There were the people who ignored the "Line starts here" sign and walked right up to Joe's register. When Joe politely told them where the line was, they gave all kinds of excuses: But you just waited on her. (Yes, because she was... Read more →

The Joys of Blood Work

So, I have to get blood work done before each of my chemotherapy sessions. Normally I make an appointment at the lab up the street from me. I try to get in pretty early because I don't particularly enjoy fasting and abstaining on the day appointed. Well, I waited a little too long this time and the earliest time I could get was 10:00 Thursday. Oh well. Then I realized that I work obligations on... Read more →

The Trouble with Grandma

I've been stewing about this since I first read about it on the Clown College Graduates Facebook page. Big Apple Circus Clown Grandma Resigns A lot of wonderful people are very good friends with Barry Lubin, and they were understandably shocked and saddened by the news. I get this, I really do. It's a terrible thing to wrap your mind around - that your dear friend could do this heinous thing. Sarah Silverman discussed this... Read more →

The Real Horror

Well. Once again, a deranged man with an arsenal has murdered people. How many will it take before we stop sending thoughts and prayers and start determining how we can stop these terrorists? And yes, I believe that these people are terrorists. They cause terror; their sole purpose is to kill as many people -- men, women, children -- as they can. I do not give a shit whether they are affiliated with a radical... Read more →

Act Your Age!

I've been stewing over this article from the New York Times for a whole damn week. Go ahead and read it; it's short. I'll wait. Here's the gist: When elders -- Boomers in particular, but also Gen-Xers -- use social media, they become stupid and childish. Or, maybe it's that they remain stupid and childish, like the young people who use social media. Apparently we are supposed to be wise and serious, as opposed to... Read more →

Let's Just Set That Hoop On Fire, Shall We?

For several reasons, I've been keeping Mom's checking and savings accounts open. My older sister and I were both on the account, so that we could write checks for her whether she was in Ocean City or at Leisure World. Now, however, it's time to close them; there is no reason to keep them open anymore. So I went to the Bank of America website to find out how to close the account. I figured... Read more →

Vacation Did Not Start Out as Planned

The night before we left for our vacation in Ocean City, SonnyeBoy called. It was 11:30 pm, and we were in bed, and the phones was downstairs, and we did not hear it. He did not leave a message The next morning as we drank our coffee before packing to leave, we called him back. He had been forced to resign from the Ocean City Police Department and was sounding very angry and very very... Read more →

This Week I Blew My Top

This week I ran out of damns to give. Rats' asses too. I have been working on this project that pretty much sucks shit through a rag. I've been calling it my "Bait and Switch" project, because I thought that I was done with it. Both the Supreme Overlord and the Overlord told me that we (meaning my group) would not be working on this project anymore. We'd already spent the entirety of last summer... Read more →

No Respect For The Dead

We buried my mother on January 28th. This evening I went to the cemetery and saw my mother's grave. On Monday, I heard from my brother that the gravesite was a wreck, but I had to see for myself. This is what I saw. See those wire things on the left? Flower stands, still there even though the wreaths have long since gone, stuck into my mother's and father's grave. See that slab of plywood... Read more →

You Haven't Come A Long Way, Baby

As reported in this article in the New York Daily News (and immediately picked up in many blogs), 70% of Americans surveyed for a study think that a woman should take her husband's surname when they marry. Okay. I don't agree, but okay. But -- 50% think that women should be required by law to take her husband's surname. Excuse me -- BY LAW? If these people had their way, I'd be a scofflaw and... Read more →