Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Close Call Edition

There he was, in all his saggy glory, waiting for his ride. The picture does not adequately show it, but take it from me, those jeans were well under his derriere. I always try to get a few shots of these characters, so that I can choose the most illustrative angle. As I was taking the second shot, holy cow! He turned around. I had to move quickly to hide my nefarious deed, but I... Read more →

Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Pants On Pants Edition

I am getting better. I even fixed dinner, although putting chicken in the oven and toasting some English muffins is not exactly difficult. But I am still not there yet. Even that tiny bit of work has tuckered me right out, and I am still wheezing a lot. So rather than bore you with still more flu talk, let's have a look at this fellow, who seems to be going for the best of both... Read more →

Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Androgyny Edition

I am all for people being who they are, all for folks flying their freak flags, all for everyone finding a special place on the wonderful and rich continuum of gender identities. But I am going to tell you to pull up your goddamn pants no matter how you identify. This person's sag is not terribly egregious, but still -- I can see your drawers. Pull 'em up. Location: NoMa Metro Sag Factor: 3 Read more →

Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Escalator Edition

Summer is winding down, but the weather is still plenty warm enough for young men to display their assets (heh). Here are two gents on their way down to the train. I particularly like the fellow on the left, with his muffin top on steroids and his multicolored tank top, which is actually tucked into those jeans. The bright blue ball cap really makes the outfit pop! The fellow on the right, meanwhile, takes a... Read more →

Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Trifecta Edition

They say good things come in threes and I had proof of it last Friday afternoon. Yes indeedy! In the short walk from the subway station to the bus stop, I was able to photograph not one, not two, but THREE droopy-drawered dudes -- a trifecta of sagitude! First up, a moderately saggy-pantsed fellow. I think this guy just has pants that are too large for him, as opposed to the guys making bold fashion... Read more →

Pull Up Your Gosh-darn Pants: Baby Edition

Last weekend I went to my grandnephew's first birthday! He is a little ball of fire, and evidently quite in tune with the clothing trends for young men. However, his mom was right on top of things and did not allow this Fashion Faux Pas to continue for long. I also decided that, in deference to his baby status, that the title should be G-rated. Hence the "gosh darn." Sag Factor: N/A (Baby! Not responsible!)... Read more →