Ten Things About Working From Home

The last time that I worked in my cubicle at the office was March 9. Our company lockdown began on March 10. It ended on October 5, when we were given the choice of going into the office on a staggered schedule or continuing to work from home. Well, that was a no-brainer; I chose to continue working at home. Because of the surge, though, we are now 100% working from home again. I did... Read more →

Penned Up

From the fourth grade on, my school required us to use fountain pens for writing. These were plain Scheaffer cartridge pens, sold from the school supply cart. Last year I thought I'd see if I could still write with a fountain pen, or if it would be too much trouble. So I bought a basic black Pilot Metropolitan pen because it was cheap. I liked it, so now I use it when I write in... Read more →

The Writer's Box

I blame Facebook and its insidious ads. I'm not sure how Facebook figured me out, but one day I saw an ad for a beautiful writing box. I immediately threw myself down the rabbit hole and clicked through to the Galen Leather website and took a look. Oh heavens above! The amazing pretty things! All the things! Everything! Take my money and send them all to me! I managed to rein myself in and focused... Read more →

Grocery Hellscape

I went grocery shopping Monday afternoon. Normally Joe does the grocery shopping, even before March 14, when the world was young. When we first heard of the pandemic possibility, he went out and stocked up on hunker-down foods, so we were totally prepared, almost to survivalist levels. HAHAHAHAHA! Be that as it may, Joe continued to brave the grocery store. The first couple of times after the lockdown, he'd put on the mask and gloves... Read more →

News from Plague Acres

Hi! How's it going? Are you staying well? Wearing your mask when you venture outside? Keeping six feet away from everyone else? I continue to work from home. The new monitor is just dandy, although I'm using my elderly Apple keyboard with it so that I can keep the laptop to the side. It works fine, except that I have to use Ctrl-Alt-Del on the laptop because the Apple keyboard doesn't have a proper Del... Read more →