The Mall

Day 15: Caramel Very nice! I love caramel, even more than I love chocolate, and I love chocolate, so I enjoyed this puffy confection. Day 16: Strawberry Cheesecake Also very nice! The strawberry tasted very natural in this cloud of sweetness. I braved the mall today. I have not shopped at a mall during holiday season for years and years and years. But I waited just a tad too long this year to get appropriate... Read more →

Batman and the Bear

Day 14: Cookies and Cream This sweet cube of goodness was delightfully cookies and creamish! I liked it a lot. Right at this moment, I am watching Emergency! on MeTV. It's one of the later seasons, because Johnny Gage (played by heartthrob Randolph Mantooth) has longer hair - almost, but not quite, hippie length. His partner, Roy DeSoto (played by Kevin Tighe), is the level-headed, more experienced paramedic, while Johnny is the slightly dopey but... Read more →

Coffee, Tea, and Me

Day 13: Earl Grey I suspected that today's marshmallow would be Earl Grey when I saw the pale slate-gray color. It was fine, very tea-ish. I went through a tea phase in college. All the hippies drank tea, especially herbal teas like chamomile and peppermint. My tribe liked the Celestial Seasonings teas - Red Zinger and Sleepytime were particular favorites. But I'm really not a tea person. I still like peppermint tea, but I pretty... Read more →


Day 12: Blueberry Today’s airy confection is blueberry. Very very tasty. Don’t you just love blueberry pie? So does my Sonnyeboy! When he was working as a cop and living in our beach house, he decided to treat himself to one. So he got a convenient frozen pie and popped it in the oven. When it was done, Sonnyeboy grabbed some pot holders so that he could safely remove the delicious dessert from the oven.... Read more →


Day 11: Maple Pancake Wow! As soon as I opened today’s marshmallow packet, the scent of maple syrup caressed my smeller. And the taste! Really good, just like a short stack smothered in real maple syrup. Loved it. I do love a good pancake. I can’t eat more than two standard-sized pancakes anymore, but that’s okay. I can eat a pancake plain, slathered in butter, or drizzled with honey. But for me, maple syrup is... Read more →

Happy Festivus

Day 9: Lemon Meringue Well, I may have broken my Holidailies streak at 8, but I did open the Day 9 marshmallow door to reveal a lovely lemon meringue cube. My gramma made a great lemon meringue pie. When I was a kid, I sometimes had the privilege of swirling the glossy meringue on top of the lemon layer. That was as much of a treat as the pie itself, what with the occasional glob... Read more →

Chocolate and Books

Day 8: Dark Chocolate! What could be bad about a dark chocolate marshmallow? I’ll tell you what - nothing. This cube of spongy fun was delicious! The other night I casually started rearranging the books in our many bookcases. I thought I’d gather all the Stephen King volumes and put them together on one shelf. So I did. Missing The Gunslinger. I must rectify that. I had to continue with an overflow Stephen King shelf.... Read more →

Dilly Dilly

Day 7: Lavender I never think of lavender as a flavor; I always think of it as a scent and a color. I must say, though, that the lavender flavor in this lavender colored treat was nice; in fact, it tastes like it smells. Does that make sense? Anyway, I do love the scent. Back in high school, my favorite perfume was Yardley's English Lavender. I felt very groovy and mod when I dabbed a... Read more →


Day 6: Mango! Today's marshmallow, as you have no doubt figured out, is mango. I was never a huge fan of that particular tropical fruit, but mix it with a lot of sugar and whip it up into foamy cube and it turns into a quite nice treat. So. I didn't get around to visiting the leasing office until late this afternoon. Alas, she was busy with a young couple. I'll drop by tomorrow. I... Read more →


Day 5: Funfetti This marshmallow was both tasty and colorful, with its wee pieces of candy confetti goodness. So far, I've liked all of the treats that I've tried. A guy just knocked on our door and tried to sell Joe on Hello Fresh. I've never heard of door-to-door salesfolk pushing meal kits, especially in apartment buildings! I think he must live here or he would not have been able to get into the building.... Read more →