Part Two: Sunday, The Snow Saga

The festivities were done, the good-byes said, the hugs hugged. Joe and I decided to motor up to Simon Creek Winery, about 50 miles north of Green Bay. We had plenty of time until our flight, so why not? We got there just fine, although Google Maps lied about the winery's whereabouts. We bought two bottles of lovely wine and arranged for shipping. The nice folks gave us a box of crackers. We hopped back... Read more →

Part One: Friday, The Departure Saga

I thought I had it all together for this trip, I really did. I researched the heck out of planes, eventually settling on flights with Northwest Airlines. We would start in Baltimore, connect through Detroit, and land in Appleton. We would rent a car in Appleton, drive the 30 miles to Green Bay, and have plenty of time for a nap and a leisurely lunch before all the festivities got underway. Alas. Everything started out... Read more →

Stanley Cup, Here We Come!

The Washington Capitals are the Southeast Division Champions of the National Hockey League! WOO! Tomas Fleischmann, Sergei Federov, and Alexander Semin scored the three goals for our boys; Semin's slapshot for the insurance goal was a thing of beauty! So thank you, Florida Panthers, for beating the Carolina Hurricanes and for losing to US! So now we're in the Stanley Cup playoffs! It's the Caps first appearance since 2001-2002. The first round starts next week;... Read more →

The Spillening and the Signening

I got to Saratoga Springs in spite of massive ice storms and pouring rains and delayed flights, and it was good. Except I kept spilling stuff all over the place. Poised and graceful, that's me. The first calamity happened at BWI while I was waiting to board my flight to Albany. I had carefully chosen my seat so that I could put my medium Cafe Dulce (another version of Crack-in-a-Cup) on the seat beside me.... Read more →

At Least The Commute Was Easy

I was so very careful this morning. In fact, I was an efficiency machine this morning. I needed to be at work in time for a 9:00 meeting at the other building, so I decided to leave 15 minutes early in case the traffic was screwed up. I needed to bring some paperwork with me, so I gathered it all together in a folder and left it on the kitchen table so that I wouldn't... Read more →

Can Peter Penis Be Far Behind?

Remember this post? Thanks to a good friend of mine, I have found the female equivalent, at least as far as mind bogglement goes. (Warning: Be prepared -- it's graphic, but in a stuffed velvety sort of way.) I'm wondering how I got along without this educational tool of female empowerment. I mean, I was deprived. I had to discover my own infrastructure with a mirror and a magnifying glass and a reference book and... Read more →

Honky Tonk Heaven

You know, I never did much like going upside down on rides. But I could do it if the ride was cool enough. For example, witness The Zipper: That's it, to the left, the thing with the cars going every which way. I've been on that -- 30 years ago or so. Once. And once was enough. I think I may have been under the influence of something or other as well, or I never... Read more →

Ten Things I Did This Weekend, Including One Very Ditzy Moment

It's been quite the weekend, beginning with Friday evening and ending when I finally collapse into bed tonight. Shall I enumerate? Why yes, I shall. I went to juggling club Friday evening, the first time in quite a while, and I'm glad I did. I got some good practice in and was pleased that I haven't lost too much ground, even with clubs. I'm still the "least good" juggler in the club, but you know... Read more →