Ten Things That Happened in April

It's been quite an eventful month and I am grateful for nothing much to do. Here are ten things of note that happened in April. In early April, Joe and I traveled to Savannah, Georgia to attend an old friend's wedding. The groom is one of Joe's oldest friends, part of a quartet of guys who hung out together during their high school years. We had a very very nice time! The wedding itself was... Read more →

Our Chicago Problem

Well, it wasn't exactly our Chicago problem, as in Joe and Mary's Chicago Problem. No, it was really American Airlines' Chicago Problem, and they solved it quite nicely. We were on our way home from Weetacon (more on that lovely weekend later) and connecting to our flight to Philly. We had a rather tight connection at O'Scare O'Hare and had to make the trek from Concourse L to Concourse H quickly - not quite a... Read more →

A Doozy of a Nightmare

I had a doozy of a nightmare the night before last. It came at the tail end of a long, involved dream wherein I was working with a bunch of people in the building where I had my first real job. That whole "other" dream doesn't even matter -- I've forgotten it already, in fact. This is the nightmare part. I walked out the building and got in my car. It was very cloudy; a... Read more →

Aw Crap.

This could be interesting. Image from Weather.com, with my annotation Sandy is battering Eastern Florida even as I type. This morning many of the models were sending the storm past the mid-Atlantic and up into New England. Now? More and more of them show the storm hitting hard right my backyard, late Sunday and all day Monday. In fact, the Weather Channel guy on NBC Nightly News showed the two most likely scenarios. One of... Read more →

Another Fine Mess I've Gotten Myself Into

Some odd form of madness took hold of me this morning. The Big Boss sent one of his inspirational emails about how public speaking skills are very valuable and in fact required for doing good marketing, and listed some Toastmasters Tips for good speakers. Then he closed the email by stating that we would all have "opportunities" to practice said skills. And right after I read that, some synapse in my brain sparked and fried... Read more →

The Octogenarian And The Umbrella

I got off early from work today, so Joe and I met up in Silver Spring and had a bite to eat. We then checked the movies times at the AFI to see if there was something good playing. Lo and behold, The Man Who Would Be King was playing! This movie, in case you didn't know, is a wonderful John Huston epic starring Michael Caine and Sean Connery. Even better, it was playing in... Read more →

You Haven't Come A Long Way, Baby

As reported in this article in the New York Daily News (and immediately picked up in many blogs), 70% of Americans surveyed for a study think that a woman should take her husband's surname when they marry. Okay. I don't agree, but okay. But -- 50% think that women should be required by law to take her husband's surname. Excuse me -- BY LAW? If these people had their way, I'd be a scofflaw and... Read more →

Part Three: Monday, The End Of The Saga

The "confidential" breakfast was everything it should be. After filling up on coffee, fruit, yogurt, and toasted bagels, we went back to the room to pack up (again) and get going. We checked out and caught the shuttle to the airport, where we checked in for our new flights on United, which connected through... Dunh... Dunh... DUNH... Chicago O'Hare. Oh. Yes. Oh. Hell. Again. At any rate, the first flight, from Appleton to Chicago, was... Read more →

Part Two: Sunday, The Snow Saga

The festivities were done, the good-byes said, the hugs hugged. Joe and I decided to motor up to Simon Creek Winery, about 50 miles north of Green Bay. We had plenty of time until our flight, so why not? We got there just fine, although Google Maps lied about the winery's whereabouts. We bought two bottles of lovely wine and arranged for shipping. The nice folks gave us a box of crackers. We hopped back... Read more →

Part One: Friday, The Departure Saga

I thought I had it all together for this trip, I really did. I researched the heck out of planes, eventually settling on flights with Northwest Airlines. We would start in Baltimore, connect through Detroit, and land in Appleton. We would rent a car in Appleton, drive the 30 miles to Green Bay, and have plenty of time for a nap and a leisurely lunch before all the festivities got underway. Alas. Everything started out... Read more →