Inauguration Love List

It's Friday and it's bitter cold. "Restructuring" is looming at my company. I have a fatty liver. (Like how I threw that in there?) I'm still coughing and snorking. I think I need a love list. I love: Rice with butter Flash's great diving goal against the Pens All the goals against the Pens The sun The first two seconds of going outside Cheratussin Hot showers Dove moisturizing body wash Using up every last cent... Read more →

Long Vacation Love List

I am now officially on vacation for the next two weeks!! Woo! I have not had a two-week long vacation in a long, long, long time. Now... do I sit on my ass or clean out the basement? Finish my novel or wrap gifts? Take a bunch of Mom's stuff to Goodwill or go see Slumdog Millionaire? My, the possibilities are endless. Tell you what, to kick off this long stretch of not working but... Read more →

Holiday Love List

A good night's sleep -- mostly -- and a dose of Pepto-Bismol straightened me right out, so my stomach and I are feeling much better this afternoon. That's a good thing, because I'm off to the hockey game once again! It also puts me in a much better mood to compose a holiday love list for this cold Friday. I love many things about the end-of-year holidays: Hot apple cider on a cold day The... Read more →

Grey, I Mean, Gray, Friday Love List

Do you ever wonder about the actual correct spelling of "grey"? I mean, is it "grey" or "gray"? Or do I have too much time on my hands? Never mind. Mr. Google told me that "gray" was the American spelling and "grey" is the British spelling. The best comment was this one: "Gray" is a color. "Grey" is a colour. I'm easily amused. Anyway, it's Friday afternoon, and it's very gray and sort of drizzly,... Read more →

A Week Late Love List

I am a week late with this Love List Fill-in-the-Blank post. But it is the end of a tiring week that was full of weirdness and yet, productivity, so I'm okay with it. How about you? Yeah? Here goes. THINGS YOU LOVE Song you love: Little Deuce Coupe, by The Beach Boys. I'm putting together a playlist based on a podcast and this is one of the songs on it. I liked the Boys back... Read more →

I Think I'll Have Some More Shiraz

I love: a nice Shiraz -- very tasty. Trader Joe's Margherita pizza -- also very tasty. Shanney and SonnyeBoy for clearing off the porch at the beach just in case Tropical Storm Hanna gets wicked -- it would be a real bummer to find the white wicker furniture bobbing around in the bay. the sound of the cicadas in the night. listening to Joe rant. getting another project out for review -- I was a... Read more →

Love In Spite Of It All

I have a headache. It started late this afternoon when I was rasslin' in a handicap match with Word and Powerpoint, and now it's kinked up the side of my neck and left shoulder. There's a call on the Caller ID which I suspect is from the finance office of Mom's assisted living home; I'm avoiding it until I can write a letter about Mom's house situation. It's hot and humid and hazy, and it... Read more →

Why I Love This Particular Friday

I haven't done a Love List in a couple -- okay, a few -- weeks, so it's high time I did. This particular Friday is a particularly nice Friday, so here's a list of things that I love about it. It's Friday. Seems obvious, but nevertheless, I love this day simply for that calendarish fact. The weather is perfect. Yes, perfect. Jeans Day at the office. Made a cameo appearance in a presentation at the... Read more →

Return of the Love List

Washington is awash in pink, white, red, lavendar, and a host of other lovely colors -- a direct result of azaleas, irises, dogwoods, and other beautiful flora. It's enough to almost make like my commute into work, and definitely enough to totally make me enjoy my commute home. Today is an almost perfect day. It would be perfect if it were not a work day, but it is late on Friday afternoon and that's close... Read more →

Cherry Blossom Love List

This week has been interesting, weatherwise. The clear, cloudless days have been cold; the grey, rainy days have been warm. It's a classic glass half-full, glass half-empty conundrum! Until today, which has been cold, grey, and damp. Pretty damn blah -- the perfect day for a love list. I love: Hockey, hockey, hockey! My Caps are On. Fucking. Fire! Ovie has 65 goals and about a zillion points, the team is on a winning streak... Read more →