Ten Albums

So this meme has been going around Facebook, so I thought it would make a good post. It's easier to wax eloquent about the albums and songs in a blog post, rather than a Facebook post. Here goes! Rules: 10 Albums in no particular order that have stayed with you in some way. Music that still resonates, regardless of quality or artist. Don't take more than few minutes and don't try to list the "right"... Read more →

It's a Small Rock and Roll World

John Kelly is a great journalist who writes a column on DC for the Washington Post. He also plays drums for a local band, the Stepping Stones. Joe saw this tweet from John the other day: The Stepping Stones are a Monkees tribute band. Well, of course we were interested, for several reasons: We love local bands. We love the Monkees. (Yeah, I said it.) We've met John Kelly, because his wife, the lovely and... Read more →


I'm sitting on the sofa listening to Handel's Messiah. It was years before I knew that there was much much more to Messiah than the Hallelujah Chorus. When I did find out, it was like I'd been given a present. I love this music so much. My first inkling that there was more to the piece was in high school. I was an alto in the glee club, and we sang a few of the... Read more →

Christmas Carols, Mostly

Joe sent me a text message this afternoon that read "Just in case you were wondering, I love you." This is a very nice message to receive in the middle of a boring afternoon at work. And then, on the way home, he started up a tape (yes, we still have a cassette player in the car; it's the only one we have!) of Handel's Water Music, which is my favoritest classical music in the... Read more →

Not About The Hurricane

Yes, yes, yes... there's a goddamn hurricane bearing down on the east coast. Ocean City is under a mandatory evacuation order, blah blah blah. I will, no doubt, write about the goddamn hurricane, but not now. Now I want to talk about how I helped set a new world record! My great good friend Andrea posted on Facebook about UkeFest 2011 and asked if anyone would like to go with her. Now how, I ask... Read more →

Fifteen Perfect Minutes

It was a busy, busy morning preparing a new course for its internal debut tomorrow. I thought I was done at least three times, only to get "one more change" and "can we put this in" and "fix this screenshot" and nit nit nit nit. Grrr. I ate my egg sal san and yogurt lunch at my desk. I had a chat with my boss. I did some more editing and tweaking and email answering.... Read more →

There Must Be A Dirty Word In There Somewhere

There was a Three Stooges marathon on AMC on New Year's Eve. I know, I know; the Stooges are crass and violent and stupid and they teach bad things to children and... I love 'em. Sorry. There it is. But I digress. One of the episodes was called "Violent is the Word for Curly". You might think that's just an extraordinary example of truth in advertising, but it's actually a spoof on a movie called... Read more →

Hardcore Sunday

After the Nats game on Sunday, we decided to grab dinner at a Silver Spring institution, the Quarry House Tavern. How shall I describe the Quarry House? One word pretty much says it: dive. I had been to Quarry House exactly once before in my life; it was 30 years ago and I went with my boyfriend to drink beers. The place has not changed one bit. Well, the layout, decor, and ambiance have not... Read more →

Post Playoffs Love List

I'm still a little sad that my Capitals got beat down by the Team Who Shall Not Be Named on Wednesday, but there are many many things that I'm loving this Friday. I love my team and I love my fellow fans. When two minutes remained in the game and it was clear that a comeback was not in the cards, the entire crowd rose and gave the team a standing ovation for the rest... Read more →