Exit Music

For many years now, I've had this vision of how I want to die. It goes like this. I lie in a beautiful, white canopy bed in my lovely lace nightgown. I'm propped up by fluffy pillows. The bed is surrounded by friends and family, all crying quietly, knowing that my end is near. A choir sings Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. I gaze at my loved ones, occasionally whispering some words of love and wisdom.... Read more →

Funk To The Rescue

Friday was going along just fine. I was working on a document that was coming together nicely. I'd done a lot of it on Thursday, so Friday was nice and relaxed. I finished up the content, then tackled the formatting and layout. I knew that would be tricky, because my authoring tool can be cranky. Sure enough, it was. It looked just fine in the source, but the PDF output simply would not behave. It... Read more →

Albums I Have Known and Loved

My pal LA did this meme - it originated with her friend Dawn - and she challenged all and sundry to hop on the bandwagon. So here you go! Waiting for Columbus (Expanded Edition) - Little Feat If I were stranded on a desert island, this is the album I'd want to have with me. I was at one of the concerts where Little Feat recorded this live album; it was the. best. rock. concert.... Read more →

Glorious Gershwin

I love the music of George and Ira Gershwin. I love big bands. So when we signed up for our Lively Arts series this year, we jumped on this concert: Michael Andrew is the leader and singer for the Gershwin Big Band, and he is fabulous! He's the epitome of the big band singer, so suave in his tux and groomed to the nines, his baritone rich and full. He even has some great steps!... Read more →

Sunday Stealing: Music Music Music

The lovely and talented Bev Sykes has taken over running Sunday Stealing. I am late in congratulating her and wishing her lots of success, so I am hereby doing this week's edition, which has a music theme! I've also provided links so you can hear my choices, if that blows your skirt up. Here we go! 1: A song you like with a color in the title: Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones 2:... Read more →

Jazz in the Afternoon

We have a subscription to the Lively Arts series at Montgomery County Community College; it's our second year. This afternoon was our first show and it was a dandy: Charles Lloyd and Friends, featuring Bill Frissel on electric guitar, Reuben Roger on bass, and Eric Harland on drums. Charles Lloyd himself plays tenor saxophone; he also played flute. What an amazing show! True, expert jazz for an hour and a half. Their version of Shenandoah... Read more →

It's a Little Pitchy

Yesterday was World Choral Day -- and the prompt for Holidailies yesterday asked "Are you a singer, or do you prefer to listen to others sing? What was your most memorable choral experience?" I am not a singer. I used to think that I was. I sang at Girl Scouts, I sang in Glee Club in high school, I sang in college with all my other dorm mates as cute guys played guitars. I thought... Read more →

Funk It Up

Day before yesterday I saw a posting on the Little Feat Facebook page. I casually mentioned it to Joe -- "Hey, Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett are appearing at the Ardmore Music Hall tomorrow!' -- and then forgot about it and went to work. A couple hours later I got a text: "We've got two tickets to the Ardmore Music Hall for tomorrow's show!" Is it any wonder that I love this man? So we... Read more →

Ten Albums

So this meme has been going around Facebook, so I thought it would make a good post. It's easier to wax eloquent about the albums and songs in a blog post, rather than a Facebook post. Here goes! Rules: 10 Albums in no particular order that have stayed with you in some way. Music that still resonates, regardless of quality or artist. Don't take more than few minutes and don't try to list the "right"... Read more →

It's a Small Rock and Roll World

John Kelly is a great journalist who writes a column on DC for the Washington Post. He also plays drums for a local band, the Stepping Stones. Joe saw this tweet from John the other day: The Stepping Stones are a Monkees tribute band. Well, of course we were interested, for several reasons: We love local bands. We love the Monkees. (Yeah, I said it.) We've met John Kelly, because his wife, the lovely and... Read more →