Saturday 9: This Could Be the Start of Something

Okay! Let's do a Saturday 9 - first time in a while! This week's song is This Could Be the Start of Something by Jack Jones. Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. 1) We're beginning the year with an optimistic song about starting something new. Right now, are you feeling positive about 2024? Personally, yes. But I'm really nervous about the election and hoping hoping hoping that democracy survives. 2) In this song,... Read more →


My pal Linda K. posted this list on The Facebook, and I saw it, and I thought "Cool! I'm gonna make a blog post out of this!" Feel free to play along, on The Facebook, on a blog post, on a Twitter thread, or however you see fit. Here we go! 1. First concert - Ravi Shankar. It was also my first date! I was 15. The next night the same boy took me to... Read more →

Totally Random

Quite a while ago, the lovely and talented Bev tagged me on Facebook with the "List 25 Random Things about Yourself and Tag Another 25 People" meme. Of course it sailed right past me, but then my mind stopped short and said, "Wait a sec. Didn't Bev tag you to do something or other?" So I looked it up and sure enough, I was tagged. Now I'm a spoilsport who never tags anyone else, and... Read more →

Saturday 9: The Promise of a New Day

For the last day of Holidailies* and the first day of 2022, here's the Saturday 9! Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. Welcome to the first Saturday 9 of 2022. In this song, Paula Abdul celebrates the promise of a new day. Here at Saturday 9, we're celebrating the promise of a new year. What do you hope 2022 will bring? A few things: * The end of the pandemic. * Donald Trump... Read more →

Sunday Stealing - "That Didn't Work"

Well, hi there! Since I can't think of anything meaningful to write about, let's get a post done with Sunday Stealing. This week's questions are called I'm Pretty Confident That My Last Words Will Be "Well, Shit, That Didn't Work." 1. First thing you wash in the shower? My face. On non-hairwash days, the routine is face, body. On hairwash days, the routine is face, hair, body. On Sundays, it's face, hair, shave underarms, body.... Read more →

Saturday 9: The Curly Shuffle

It's been awhile since I've done a Saturday 9, but I couldn't resist this one with its Three Stooges theme. So here we go! Unfamiliar with this song? Hear it here. This song is a valentine to The Three Stooges. Are you a fan? Yes. I know some folks aren't and are put off by the slapstick violence, and I get it, but I still love 'em. Here's my absolute favorite bit, totally nonviolent. It... Read more →

Sunday Stealing: For Those Who Celebrate Christmas

Today I accomplished my primary goal: I got my holiday cards done for the yearly card exchange that I participate in! I rather doubt that they'll get to their destinations before Christmas, given the current Post Office delays. Normally delays don't bother me too much, but I'm irritated this time because my diabetes supplies are held up. I actually used up my regular lancets, so I had to go to my backup lancets and stickening... Read more →

Sunday Stealing: Best Things to Talk About

Okay! Two memes in a row! I promise to get back to more original posts tomorrow. 1. What is the craziest, most outrageous thing you want to achieve? Retirement. 2. Have your parents influenced what goals you have? Not really - they mostly gritted their teeth and let me do what I wanted to do, from majoring in drama to joining the circus to marrying a man 10 months after I met him. 3. What... Read more →

Saturday 9: Feelin' Groovy

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. 1) The bridge that inspired this song is The Queensboro Bridge in New York City. Are you near a bridge right now as you answer these 9 questions? Yes indeed - it's the Route 422 bridge across the Schuylkill River. It's a new version of the bridge, too! When we first moved here, the bridge was old and pocked with pot holes. Construction on the replacement bridge... Read more →

Sunday Stealing: Ty and Logan

So that last post was a little heavy, eh? Thank you all for your love, your hugs, and your understanding. Now, let's head on over to Sunday Stealing for something a little lighter. Where did your name come from? My father suggested "Mary" because every Catholic family needed a "Mary." My mother chose my middle name, Ramon, after the priest who converted her to Catholicism. Where were you born? Takoma Park, Maryland. What was your... Read more →