Renaissance Fair? Actually, Renaissance Good!

Joe and I went to the Maryland Renaissance Fair with some good friends last weekend, and a goodly tyme was had by all. I ate a Renaissance Turkey Leg, a Renaissance dish of ice cream, and had a Renaissance Pepsi. The weather was good -- not too hot, although way too hot to sit in the blazing sun to watch Ye Olde Joust. No matter -- there were plenty of great shows in the shady... Read more →

Painting and Persistence Pays

Yay! I just won a Spider Solitaire Four Suits game, which is a pretty good way to wind down a busy weekend. Why yes. It has been a busy, busy weekend here at chez Red Nose. Shall I, as the hipsters say, break it down for you? On the home improvement front, we made significant progress in the Will We Ever Get This House Ready To Sell? project. On Wednesday, the latest in the our... Read more →

Shiva Juggles

Shiva Juggles Originally uploaded by Bozoette. Thanks for all your nice comments about my journalistic debut -- my mom called me this morning in a true dither about it. I didn't tell her about it, so it came as a big surprise, just like I planned! Also, I must give credit to the lovely and talented Weetabix, who took my new blog photo. (I reddened up my nose, though.) Thanks, Weet! Anyway, back to juggling!... Read more →

Catching -- and Throwing

Time for another Congress of Juggling! I got to Ritchie Coliseum yesterday evening and signed in, bought my tee-shirt and raffle tickets, and chatted with the kids at the sign-in desk. I stuck my iPod in my ears and juggled away for quite a while, getting warmed up and having fun -- try doing the Cha-Cha Slide while juggling for a roaring good time. (Heh.) These guys -- even though they look it -- are... Read more →

Tick Tock

I guess it's not strictly circus, but I thought I'd show you the sorts of things that can happen at the meetings of my juggling club. This particular pattern is called a "Tick Tock." The four jugglers form a square, and each juggler passes to the person opposite. Why yes, now that you ask, there is timing involved. It's timely because we're going to see The Flying Karamazov Brothers tonight! These guys are some of... Read more →

Not Watching The Speech

Tonight is the State of the Union address. I'm not watching it; I'll get too damn mad. Instead, we're watching Dirty Jobs, which so far has featured lots of poop in one way or another; coming up, owl vomit. And yes, it's better than the speech. I will, however, be sure to watch The Daily Show. I definitely will need to see my second husband's take on it. (What? It's not okay to plan ahead?)... Read more →