Shitty Shoppers

Joe had a tough time at work yesterday evening. Why do normally nice people suddenly turn into rude motherfuckers when it gets close to Christmas? Whatever happened to peace and good will? There were the people who ignored the "Line starts here" sign and walked right up to Joe's register. When Joe politely told them where the line was, they gave all kinds of excuses: But you just waited on her. (Yes, because she was... Read more →

Saturday 9: Papa Don't Preach

It's Saturday, it's Caturday, it's World Juggling Day -- time for the Saturday 9! If you're not familiar with today's song, you can hear it here. 1) Madonna has sold more than 200 million records worldwide. Do you have any of her songs on your iPod/mp3 player/phone? Not a one. I'm probably committing heresy here, but I've never been a big Madonna fan. 2) When she first arrived in New York in search of fame... Read more →

A Mess of a Goal

I have had many hobbies over the past years... juggling, origami making, scrapbooking, blogging, ukelele playing, Zentangle-ing... and I have really enjoyed all of them. I get interested in something, try it out, and get quite invested in it. I pour my energy into it and sometimes I get pretty decent results. Not expert, not by a long shot, but decently decent. Then the interest fades and I leave that particular hobby behind. Well,... Read more →

Things I Am Doing

1. Procrastinating with Nanowrimo. I have not written very much, but I have been thinking deeply about one of the characters in this book. She is going to change; she is too much of a stupid caricature in the current version. I have thought more about her backstory and now I'm puzzling over how she needs to behave and push the story forward. So maybe I'm not really procrastinating -- I'm incubating. 2. Practicing a... Read more →

Revelry At Renn Fest

Yesterday I took the lovely and talented Deb up on her offer to get together and off we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. We had a blast! We actually had A Plan, which was to see as many shows as possible, interspersed with eating and drinking. Notice that I did not mention "shopping." While I enjoy browsing in the shops, I have learned that I really have no need for a snood or a... Read more →

Five Words In A Stream Of Conciousness

The lovely and talented Dichroic gave me five words to riff on. What's kind of interesting is that all of these words have been significant in my life in the last week. Let's begin with family. I am so grateful to my brother and sisters -- when Mom is being a brat, they understand. And boy oh boy, Mom was on a roll the last few days. Now, I know -- believe me, I know,... Read more →

Ten Things That Tired Me Out This Weekend

What a weekend! I can't take all this rushing from one fun-filled activity to the next. Allow me to enumerate. 1. I actually went to juggling club on Friday night. I wasn't quite a rusty as I thought I'd be. Just one question -- is it uncharitable of me to envy a child? 2. The Capitals played the Detroit Red Wings Saturday afternoon -- what a game! My boys beat the reigning Stanley Cup champions... Read more →

Congress Is In Session

Welcome! Originally uploaded by Bozoette It's that time of year again! Time for a whole bunch of men, women, and children to get together in a gym and throw a lot of stuff around. Yep! It's the annual Congress of Jugglers, sponsored by the University of Maryland juggling club and attended by jugglers from all over the place. The Baltimore Jugglers were well represented, as was the U.S. Department of Juggling, the Fairfax Jugglers, the... Read more →

Quit Throwing Stuff Arou -- No, Don't!

It's that time of year again, so welcome to the Congress of Jugglers! (Updated to correct the name. Oops.) There was poi swinging, contact juggling, ball juggling, club juggling, unicycling, balloon twisting, odd bicycle riding, flaming torch juggling, flaming poi swinging, and lots and lots of passing. Contact juggling with a beautiful iridescent globe Three clubs? Try six! He's 12, dammit. He juggles 7 balls. I hate him. Three guys. You can't see all the... Read more →

Hey Hey! USDJ!

Some folks play bridge. Some folks do yoga. Some folks read and discuss books. I juggle. I belong to the US Department of Juggling, my local juggling club. It's really loose -- no dues, no organizational structure, no bylaws or any of that nonsense. Just a place to juggle and a bunch of people who like to do it. Here's a little movie I compiled from a bunch of separate clips. The second clip --... Read more →