Baking Gingerbread

Well, I made some gingerbread. I got it into my head that I wanted to make some gingerbread, so I got some molasses at the grocery store and assumed I had everything else I needed, what with Thanksgiving pie making and all. Then I went to make it and - no flour. How do you run out of flour? Isn't that one of those things that's just automagically there? I guess not. So we stopped... Read more →

What I'm Watching

I've gotten into the habit of watching a little something during lunch at work. I stuff my earbuds into my ears and fire up Starz or Netflix or Britbox or Prime Video or whatever (I have a lot of streaming apps, evidently), select a show, and escape from work for an hour. These are all shows that Joe has no interest in, so lunch is the perfect time to watch. (Thanks, unlimited data!) My lunchtime... Read more →


Joe started our holiday decorating yesterday by hanging a lovely wreath on our door. It smells delightful! Today I came home to find that he had set up the Christmas tree. We bought our first artificial tree last year, and it is one of the best things ever. He put one wee ornament on it - we'll finish loading it up this weekend - and a few presents under it. I figured I'd hang an... Read more →


The other day I was waiting for the elevator at work when another colleague joined me. He said, "I really should take the stairs, but I'm too tired this morning." And I replied, without even thinking about it, "I've outgrown the stairs." He cracked up, and a catchphrase was born. My company has a program every year where they ask headquarters employees to volunteer to work in the warehouses for four days. I used to... Read more →

Tired, with Grievances

I'm very tired. I went to a Festivus Party last night with my great good friend Andrea and today I am paying the price. It's not that I'm hungover, because I'm not. I did have one drink - a lovely champagne with pomegranate juice punch - but it was just enough to make me hot and sweaty rather than tipsy. The food was amazing, so I ate rather a lot. I didn't know anyone except... Read more →

The High School Meme

Today's Holidailies post is a good old Facebook meme, because I have much to do today! Class of: 1970 1. Did you marry your high school sweetheart? No. I didn't really have one - I had various boyfriends but no one was really a sweetheart. 2. Type of car? When I drove, I drove my Mom's car, which I think was a Chevy Impala. Actually, that might have been the one I wrecked one month... Read more →

Marriage Certificate

Here is the Certificate of Marriage of my great-grandfather, Charles F. Whitney, and my great-grandmother, Anna Elizabeth Hall. The writing is a little faded, but that's understandable, considering that it was written in 1880. They were married in Menard County, Illinois. I think that John T. Hall and Laura F. Hall are Anna's parents, my great-great-grandparents. I especially like the picture of the bride, groom, and their attendants at the top of the certificate. Don't... Read more →

Report Card

This is my Gramma's high school report card. Check out the date of the school year: 1900-1901! Gramma was 18 in 1901, so I'm guessing that she was a senior. It appears that she graduated from Eastern High School. She didn't have a very heavy course load - just History, English, French, and Latin. Oh, and Neatness. Neatness? I wonder what the syllabus was for Neatness - Dusting, Polishing, Tidying? What do you think? No... Read more →