Totally Random

Quite a while ago, the lovely and talented Bev tagged me on Facebook with the "List 25 Random Things about Yourself and Tag Another 25 People" meme. Of course it sailed right past me, but then my mind stopped short and said, "Wait a sec. Didn't Bev tag you to do something or other?" So I looked it up and sure enough, I was tagged. Now I'm a spoilsport who never tags anyone else, and... Read more →

Super Mega

One of the nice things about the Sunday New York Times is the crossword puzzle. I love doing it. And yes, I do it in ink. Sometimes this results in smudges where I've had to overwrite a wrong answer, but I still do it in ink. Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago, the Times published its Super Mega Crossword Puzzle. It's almost a full two-page spread! I knew that this would be A Project, so... Read more →


I was just kinda sitting here wondering what to write, almost giving up, staring at my screen, when I mosied on over to Facebook and saw that one of my friends was playing Bingo! And just like that -- you could probably even say "Bingo!" -- I knew that I would run off at the mouth write about that wonderful game. As a kid at Catlick school, I was subjected to played Bingo twice a... Read more →

Irritated Talk

When I was a kid, my Pop would come home every evening, hang up his suit jacket, put on his sweater, and pick up the evening paper. He read the paper and then settled in to do the crossword puzzle. He always finished them, too. I started doing crossword puzzles in college and kept it up while I was on the road. I once even completed a Sunday New York Times puzzle; that was a... Read more →