Ten Things That Happened Since I Last Wrote a Blog Post

Recovery from Covid Neither of us had bad symptoms; in fact, I tested negative almost immediately. Joe tested negative after a week, but he never got terribly ill. Some Delsym for the cough, ibuprophen for the body aches, NyQuil to sleep and he coped well. So we were both double-tested negative right after Christmas. Speaking of which... Christmas Even though we were all by ourselves, Christmas was still lovely. We gave each other great gifts... Read more →

The Star of Shortbread

The final day of the Walker’s Advent Calendar reveals a delicious star! I enjoyed this morsel with my afternoon coffee, a ritual of ours. It’s nice, having a wee ritual like afternoon coffee. It helps when you’re missing a big ritual like, say, the Christmas Eve dinner at my sister’s house. Fuckin’ Covid. But it’s all good. Joe and I are working our way back to healthiness, so just hanging out with the cats and... Read more →

Shortbread Twice

Well, so much for an unbroken streak for Holidailies. Damn you, Covid! Joe has the worst of it, but even that is not terrible. His cough has eased up considerably, but he still has a long nap in the afternoon. I have a constant low-grade headache and I’m tired to the bone. I have slept through the night for the past three nights, something that has not happened in many long years, so there’s that.... Read more →

Shortbread and Fifty Years

Okay then, it’s the eighth shortbread finger - just the thing to sweeten up quarantine. Tonight is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. It is also the 50th anniversary of the longest night of my life. At the end of that long, cold night, I saw the most beautiful sunrise. And I knew that I’d walked into hell and come out the other side, into the light of a new day, heading... Read more →

Shortbread and a Postponed Christmas

Day 20 brings a chocolate chip shortbread cookie. I needed this tasty choccy bite today because Joe and I have tested positive for Covid-19. Neither of us is terribly ill - thank you maxed vaxes! Joe has a cough, body aches, fatigue. I have a headache, fatigue, and a bit of pressure in my chest. No fevers or trouble breathing, whew! No worries; we called the doctor. Since we’re not at death’s door, we just... Read more →

Shortbread and a Swiss Kiss

Another sweet heart is the Day 18 shortbread! I’m also doing the 10 days, 10 photos that bring me joy meme. Today I posted this photo: The meme says you must post without explanation, so I shall explain this photo here! In 2001, I went to Zurich, Switzerland to attend a meeting of technical communication folks. After the meeting, Joe and I explored the city. As we walked along, I glanced up and saw this... Read more →

Shortbread and Oh for God’s Sake!

Today we have a heart! I had a “hearty” laugh at the major announcement by the former president. I mean, really? Ninety-nine bucks for a random bad photoshop job? When NFTs first become a thing, I looked it up in Urban Dictionary. Here’s the first definition: NFT Non-fungible token Worthless, glorified PNGs that only serve to consume a fuck-ton of electricity and to trick dipshit Crypto-nerds into buying them thinking they have value, only for... Read more →

Shortbread Catchup

So! Before I get too far behind, I present: Day 14: A round thistle! Day 15: A salted caramel square! Joe and I enjoyed the tasty morsels with our afternoon coffee. Delightful! Afternoon coffee is our little ritual. As soon as I get home from work, we have a cup of high test and a cookie (or two or three). Then we watch the end of Wagon Train and two episodes of Adam-12. Read more →