A Testimonial to Joel

It's getting late, but I couldn't let the day slip away without a post in honor of my Pop's 116th birthday. Happy birthday, Pop! I love this picture of him. It's his law school graduation picture; he received his LLB in 1935 from Columbus University, which later merged with Catholic University's law school to become Columbus School of Law. And he did it without earning a bachelor's degree first! He went to law school at... Read more →


Thirty-six years ago at just about this time, Father DiNardo said "I now pronounce you man and wife!" Wow -- 1980. The olden days! No PCs, no internet, no cell phones or tablets, nope! Just family, friends, good food, laughter, dancing, and champagne! We met in August, 1979. It was a whirlwind courtship! He said, "I love you" first, but I said it back right away. He proposed in December; I didn't even realize he... Read more →

A Life in Pictures

Happy birthday to my Mom, who would have been 105 today! Here she is, from just after birth to just before death. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. 1911 - just a baby 1913ish - about 2 1922 - 11 years old Late 1920s or early 1930s 1933 - wedding portrait with Pop 1942 - with my older sister 1961 - my older sister's wedding 1960s - rockin' the platinum hair 1978 - 50th... Read more →

Throwback Thursday, Christmas Edition

I was hunting through the photos looking for an appropriate Christmas-themed shot when I found this one. It made me smile! So, without further ado, here are my Mom and Pop, Christmas Eve, 1984. Mom was 73; Pop was 76. When Mom and Pop moved to their retirement community, our traditional Apres-Midnight Mass breakfast morphed into a Christmas Eve dinner and present opening extravaganza. Apparently the wine was flowing on this particular Christmas Eve and... Read more →

It Slices! It Dices!

Back in the dark ages of 1970, an inventor and marketing genius named Ron Popeil advertised and sold many amazing, labor-saving devices via late night TV. My Pop was especially enamored of the Vegematic, a device that chopped, sliced, and diced just about anything! You could make perfect French fries with one push! Slice an onion without shedding a single tear! Hey, you could even slice a tomato without mushing it to death! Every time... Read more →

Lamb and Liver

Today's prompt is: Who did most of the cooking in your house when you were growing up? I grew up in a very typical 50s household, so Mom was the main cook. Pop cooked breakfast on the weekend and supper on Sunday night, but Mom was in charge of dinner. Mom cooked good, plain American food. Her fried chicken was fabulous; her macaroni and cheese to die for. We had steak once a week; we... Read more →

August Disappeared

So, I knew it had been a long time since I actually sat down and wrote a post for this here blog, but when I checked the dates I was surprised -- somehow I managed to completely skip August! Not a single post! How'd that happen? Hmm. I guess there just wasn't much going on, or was there? Let's see... In the beginning of the month, we moved SonnyeBoy from Ocean City to Baltimore, so... Read more →

Fix It Again, Tony

So... I bought a car! That's it, right down there -- the shiny pearly tiny cute little Fiat 500! Cute as a button! I have lusted after a Fiat 500 ever since the first ad for them appeared on TV. Then I spotted this one at the used-car dealership near our home. I looked it up and wow - a great price! A 2012 - not too old. More miles than I'd normally like, but... Read more →

A Luxurious Anniversary

Almost All of the Bedford Springs Resort This is where we spent our anniversary weekend - Bedford Springs Resort! This view shows *most* of it; there are three more buildings off to the right! Our room was in the Spa Wing; it's marked by that red X over to the left. What a fabulous resort!! We had a simply wonderful time, once we got there. I think Joe was ready pull over and melt along... Read more →


On June 9, 1911, Mabel Whitney Shauck gave birth to a baby girl named Anna. Yep, Mom would be 104 years old today. Happy birthday, Mom! Here are 10 things about my Mom. 1. She met my Pop when his family moved into the house directly behind hers. She was 8 and he was 11, and she decided right then and there that she was going to marry him. 2. Her first date with Pop... Read more →