Two preserved Betzwood Film Studio buildings are right next to each other alongside the Schuylkill River Trail. When I take my "long" walks, I pass them. A couple weeks ago, on one of my evening walks, I noticed something odd. There were three distinct spots of light on the side of one of the buildings. (The top one looks a little like Pikachu, don't you think?) I turned around to see where the light was... Read more →


I've heard it said that God looks out for drunks and idiots. Perhaps because those folks cannot look out for themselves, God keeps an extra close eye on them, sending an extra guardian angel or two to make sure no one gets hurt. Well, this morning I definitely fell into the idiot category. First off, I slept poorly. I went to bed relatively early, after falling asleep during the premiere of Community. This happened because... Read more →

Reading Comprehension Is Not Her Strength

I was standing in line at Starbucks this afternoon, waiting for the latest version of crack in a cup, when I overheard the young woman in front of me ask the barista: "Does the Apricot Almond Shortbread have almonds in it?" Is it me, or is this the stupid question that I think it is? The barista, God bless him, didn't even flinch. "Yes, it does." "Okay, I'll have a Mint Chocolate Brownie and two... Read more →

iOnce Was Lost...

I got home last night, tired and oh so ready for the weekend, and Joe greeted me with some wonderful news: "Hey, I found your iPod!" "GREAT! Where was it?" I replied. "Right where you left it," Joe said. He was grinning, so I knew I was about to feel really stupid. "Oh no... come on, where was it?" "In the doughnut speakers. You were listening to it while you were wrapping presents," he said,... Read more →