Holy smokes! There I was, sitting at my desk preparing for my weekly one-on-one meeting with my manager. I noticed that my monitor was shaking a bit -- who the hell was stomping around so hard? And then my desk started shaking, my chair started shaking... heck, I started shaking! Just as my brain realized that we were having a fucking earthquake, my colleague -- who is from California -- said, "It's an earthquake! Get... Read more →


We spent the weekend at Joe's sister's house. It's such a beautiful drive out there, over the ridges through Frederick, Hagerstown, Hancock, Flintstone... into and out of Cumberland, down the driveway, through the woods and up the hill to the octagon house. We didn't do anything in particular. We petted the critters and walked along the lane and listened to the wind in the trees. We drank coffee and ate cake and played games with... Read more →

A Day At The Museum

Last Sunday Joe and I took a field trip to the National Museum of American History. I love this museum! I hadn't been since the Star Spangled Banner was restored and rejuvenated, so I was eager to see it, and Julia Child's kitchen, and whatever else piqued our interest. The Star Spangled Banner exhibit is the first thing that greets you as you walk in. It's a huge silver sculpted wall, not the flag itself.... Read more →

Call Box Art

Throughout DC are old, emptied call boxes, used to call the police and fire departments in the days before telephones. They fell out of use decades ago, of course, but many still remain, sentinels of the past. Over the last few years, Cultural Tourism DC sponsored an effort called Art on Call, enabling artists to transform the boxes into urban canvases, neighborhood by neighborhood. I noticed one just the other day, as I was walking... Read more →

A Memorial Visit

Last weekend -- the first perfect weekend of the year, by the way -- SonnyeBoy and his Sweety came to visit and to take in the sights. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, did I mention? Anyway, we shared the National Mall with several demonstrations and protests -- Satuday, there was a demonstration against the war; Sunday, there was a demonstration for immigration reform. We went to the zoo on Saturday afternoon, where there seemed to... Read more →