Clowning Around

Day 20: Black Forest Sweet cherry with wee choccy flakes - a winner! Day 21: Eggnog I love eggnog, so this sweet pillow of flavor was right up my alley. You might even say it hit my sweet spot. Last night I joined a Zoom call with five of my Clown College classmates! We've been doing these calls since the pandemic, but this particular call was the first in a few months. It was great... Read more →

Shortbread and The Mads

Shortbread finger! I don’t mind; it’s delicious whatever the shape. We are, even as I type, watching another livestream from Dumb Industries of The Mads Are Back! This extremely fun show stars Frank Coniff and Trace Beaulieu, aka TV’s Frank and Dr. Clayton Forrester of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Every month they riff on an extremely bad movie. We’ve already seen Glen or Glenda?, Bride of the Monster, and The Devil Bat, along with a... Read more →

Farewell, Clown

In mid-September, 1975, I got on a plane to Sarasota, Florida to attend the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College. My seatmate was a young woman named Barbara Hunter - she was also attending Clown College. We both lived in the DC area and had introduced ourselves already, so it made sense to take the same flight and sit together. On the flight down, we got to know each other better. Barb had... Read more →

Three Big Tops

It's getting late, but I still have a few minutes to post a Holidailies entry! I mentioned in my first post that I've seen three circuses this year - they were all wonderful and magical and fabulous. And they were all under a big top, which just adds to the magic. Big tops have come a long way since I performed under them. The big top on my first show was big enough for three... Read more →

May All Your Days...

... Be Circus Days! Yesterday we went to see the latest incarnation of the Big Apple Circus and it was perfect. As soon as I saw that it was coming to our neighborhood - I mean, the venue is 4.5 miles away - I bought tickets. Third row, center. As I said, perfect. I wore my Clown College Reunion tee shirt, just in case. Sure enough, the Brussels Sprouts butcher recognized it. He's Adam Kuchler,... Read more →

See You Down the Road

Circus folks never say good-bye; rather, they say “See you down the road.” Down the road — it's a circus version of the space-time continuum. It means days or weeks or years; it means the next lot, the next gig, the next season. It means that at some point in time and some place in the world, you will meet again. You come together in a tight-knit community for a summer or a season or... Read more →

Under the Big Top

As soon as I saw that Cirque du Soleil's Volta was going to be performed under the big top in nearby Oaks, PA, I knew we were going. I mean, c'mon now - the site in Oaks is a grand total of 4.4 miles away. It's like an order. I love Cirque du Soleil. Joe and I went to the first show way back in the 80s in (I think) Tysons Corner, VA, before the... Read more →

The Great Huberto

Remember when I wrote about Herbie Weber , his partner Marcella, and their wonderful low tightwire act? No? Well, go follow that link and catch up, then come on back. In addition to that amazing act, Herbie also had another great act, this one a solo. He was billed as The Great Huberto, and the act was called The Slide for Life. After being introduced, Herbie walked to the bottom of the thick rope that... Read more →

Low Bridge

Joe and I were driving to lunch the other day when we got held up slightly by a gaggle of police cars blocking off the left lane at the point where the two-lane road went under the SEPTA tracks. The reason was obvious -- the driver of a rented Penske truck miscalculated the height of the underpass and the back of the truck slammed into the underside of the bridge and got stuck. I snapped... Read more →

Throwback Thursday: Squeezed In

Here is the letter that started my clown career. M.B. Kellner was the "Matthew" in "George Matthew's Great London Circus," the owner's son. Let's dig a little deeper into the specifics of this offer. Room A bunk in the band bus. The band bus was formerly a school bus, but the front part with the engine and driver's seat had been cut off and a fifth-wheel doohickey attached. A partition in the middle of the... Read more →