Farewell, Little Bits

Our sweet Little Bits has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. In 2013, Little Bits came out from under our stoop, walked in the front door, and decided to stay. She went to Ocean City with us, moved from Maryland to Pennsylvania, rode on the Cape May/Lewes ferry, and even accepted a step-sister. She'd curl up in our laps and insist on scritches; if you had the audacity to stop, she'd reach up and pull your hand... Read more →

Taffy Visits the Emergency Vet

Yesterday started out as a perfectly nice Saturday. We had a leisurely morning, a lovely lunch at Troubles End Brewing, and a relaxing afternoon with coffee and donuts. Joe fed the cats at four, just as usual. And then, things took a turn. Taffy began acting very oddly. She ran around the house like a wildcat. We didn't think too much about that, because she does get the zoomies sometimes, but then she starting biting... Read more →

Jenny Linsky and Her Friends

When I was a little girl, my Mom read me a story about a shy little black cat named Jenny Linsky. I loved it, so we got another, and another, and another, all of them about Jenny and her cat friends. I recently remembered these books. Don't ask me how or why; how do memories bubble up to the surface anyway? In any case, I decided to see if they actually existed or if I... Read more →

Unspeakable Cat

Our big cat, who is named Little Bits because she was indeed little at one point, is a very insistent cat. When she decides that she wants pets and skritches, you are required to give them to her. Joe says she's an unspeakable cat. I think the description is a riff on Warren Zevon's Excitable Boy. She loves having her belly rubbed and rolls over on her back so that you can easily reach her... Read more →

These Cats Again

So, remember our cats, Little Bits and Taffy? One year later, they have learned to coexist peacefully. Mostly. Generally, they'll take turns using the various cat accoutrements, like the scratching post, cat tree, heated pad, and the two available laps. Occasionally, though, they want to occupy the same space at the same time. At that point, a delicate negotiation takes place. Consider this evening, when they both hopped up on the recliner at the same... Read more →

Kitty McSlutterson

My mind is a blank once again. I have not gotten a lot of sleep the past couple of nights because the little cat is -- wait for it -- in heat. The question of whether or not she has been spayed has been answered, and how! She's slinking around with her butt up in the air, rubbing up against anything and everything, all the while singing the feline equivalent of "Me SO Horny!" and... Read more →

These Cats

Oh, these cats! Little Bits, the Siamese on top of the recliner, came in from the cold to live with us a little over two years ago. She was thoroughly enjoying her life here when we threw a hard curve ball right at her head and adopted Taffy, the little one on the rug. Bits is quite a bit bigger than Taffy, but Taffy doesn't care. Taffy slowly, slowly stalks poor Little Bits, then finally... Read more →