Well, this Mercury Retrograde started off with a bang. Joe noticed a weird spot on his nose, kinda like a zit but it didn't behave like a zit. I noticed another weird spot on his head, just left and slightly over his forehead. He went to a dermatologist. It's nonmelanoma skin cancer -- basal cell, I think. He's made an appointment with a surgeon. The surgery -- called Mohs surgery -- will likely be done... Read more →

Recent Bizspeak Aggravations

I am getting really cranky in my old age, especially about bizspeak atrocities. I recently read an "impact report" that the Almost Underlord put together for the Supreme Overlord. It was about the recent Training Summit that we held, wherein we invited training managers from our customers to participate in a call about how we can help them and what we have to offer. Before the call, we conducted a survey (which we called a... Read more →

Build Your Own Corporate Goals

Today I went to an all-hands meeting wherein I learned the department's strategic goals for 2008. As I listened to the various folks outline their groups' goals, I devised a variation of Buzzword Bingo. Presenting: The DIY Corporate Goal Builder It's very simple. Simply select words from the following sets of possibilities to complete the following sentence: Verb noun in order to verb adjective noun. Verbs: Leverage Re-field (YES! I actually heard this used today.)... Read more →

BizSpeak of the Day III

Organizationalize or-gan-uh-ZAY-shun-uh-lize: (verb) To make a part of an organization Example: After examining the new processes and spending the necessary time to understand how they will enable enhanced productivity and efficiency, now we must organizationalize them into the culture. Translated example: Here's the new procedure; follow it from now on. Read more →