Yesterday Joe and I drove back to Maryland for a momentous occasion -- we finally signed the paperwork to sell our house! This has been a very long time coming. We put it on the market in late May, got our first offer in August, and finally closed yesterday. I am so relieved. We now longer have to pay two electric bills, two water bills, a homeowner's association fee, and oh yeah, a mortgage. I... Read more →

A Castle Made of Concrete

I alluded to this amazing structure yesterday, so it seems like a good idea to tell you about it today! This is Fonthill Castle. It's made entirely of concrete! Fonthill Castle Henry Mercer built this castle in Doylestown, Pennsylvania because: He wanted to live in his very own castle in his hometown. He had the money and the land to do it. He wanted a way to show off his collection of ceramic tiles and... Read more →

A Beautiful Day in New Hope

Last Sunday was a gorgeous fall day -- cool and crisp and breezy -- a road trip was definitely in order! Luckily, our great good friends and area experts Michael and Maria invited us to accompany them to New Hope, Pennsylvania, so off we went! New Hope is a funky little town on the shore of the Delaware River. It's full of good restaurants, historical buildings, and scads of shops, with everything from high-end artisan... Read more →

Six Months In

It's cooled off considerably here in Pennsylvania, the smell of wood smoke is in the air, and the King of Prussia beer fest signs have popped up all around the area. And we have been here six months today! At this time six months ago, Joe and I had just gotten back from a hasty gourmet dinner at the local Panera Bread, because the wait at Longhorn Steakhouse was too damn long and we were... Read more →

The Fourth and Fifth

What a fun Fourth of July weekend! We did cool stuff and we relaxed, we ate and drank, we drove and walked. That's pretty much it! Well, okay -- here's a bit more detail. On the fourth itself, we hung out here at home. We did go for a nice walk by the river and down the trail, but other than that, we did some serious nothing. In the evening we got to hear many... Read more →

Of Apartments, Work, and Beer

Here I am, typing away in our cute little office, with our newly hung woodcut of Frank Zappa hanging on the wall to my left and the cat all bread-loafed on top of the printer. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is on the TV -- I can see and hear it just fine from here. I really love our apartment. It's just big enough -- we have plenty of room... Read more →

Weekend Expeditions

We had a very nice weekend, beginning with good news on Friday afternoon: Joe got a job at the LL Bean in King of Prussia Mall! It's part time for now, but Joe is very happy to be employed again. Saturday we continued our research of the area pubs and breweries, this time going to the Craft Ale House in Limerick. I mean, really; how can you not go to a joint named the Craft... Read more →

Roads and Risks

This week two of my favorite people have written about choices and risks -- making them, taking them -- wondering what would have happened had a certain choice gone another way or a certain chance had been had not been taken. I can relate. What if I'd given in when my mother wanted me to stay home rather than join the circus? For one thing, I would not -- could not! -- have written my... Read more →

Funk It Up

Day before yesterday I saw a posting on the Little Feat Facebook page. I casually mentioned it to Joe -- "Hey, Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett are appearing at the Ardmore Music Hall tomorrow!' -- and then forgot about it and went to work. A couple hours later I got a text: "We've got two tickets to the Ardmore Music Hall for tomorrow's show!" Is it any wonder that I love this man? So we... Read more →

Back to Betzwood

Last night we went to the Betzwood Silent Film Festival, held on the campus of Montgomery County Community College. It was fabulous! You may remember from this post that we live on the site of the Betzwood Studios, which was owned by Siegmund Lubin. The studios produced dozens of silent movies in the early years of the 20th century. Each year the college hosts a silent film festival featuring some of the existing movies. Last... Read more →