Clowning Around

Sugar Cookie and Sleight of Hand

Day 19: Sugar Cookie

Today's tasty sponge was Sugar Cookie, which was quite good. Not quite as good as an actual sugar cookie, but close enough.

Lately I've been indulging in videos from Penn and Teller's TV show Fool Us. The deal is that magicians perform a trick, hoping that Penn and Teller won't be able to figure out how they do it. I love watching the episodes where the magician succeeds, but even the acts that the boys figure out always fool me.

I got a brief introduction to magic when I was in Clown College, but I was never very good at it. A couple of my classmates were, though, and I even learned a French Drop, a beginner-level coin trick.

But even though I sort of know how a lot of sleight of hand is done, it still amazes me. I know the magician is misdirecting me; I know that the magician is palming cards or coins. But I'll be damned if I know exactly how they're accomplishing it.

Here'e my favorite act so far: Dani DaOrtiz. Just great.

I waffle between wanting to know how these wonderful tricks are done and not wanting to know how they're done. Sometimes it's more fun to believe in the magic.