Lazy Latte
Sugar Cookie and Sleight of Hand


Day 18: Rose

Well, this puff of goodness was Rose flavored, and like the Lavender, it tastes like it smells, which is weird to me. But I love the smell of roses, so why wouldn't I like the taste?

My Mom grew the most beautiful roses. She had a couple of rose gardens in our big backyard, one up along the picket fence and one down by the pine trees. Every year she got a rose catalog. She always bought at least one rose bush. I loved browsing that catalog, with all the beautiful colors and types of roses. Mom loved the Peace rose, which has pink edges and yellow center, and the Mr. Lincoln, which is a gorgeous deep dark red. But she had all kinds of reds and pinks and yellows in her gardens.

Our job as kids was to inspect each bloom for the dreaded Japanese beetle. My sister and I would carry a coffee can with  a little gasoline in it (!!!); when we found a Japanese beetle, we'd pick it off the rose and drop it in the can, sending it to certain death. My mind boggles a little when I remember this beetle-cide routine.

Anyway, because of our vigilance, Mom's roses were glorious and I developed a love of the scent of both roses and gasoline. Hmmm.