Coffee, Tea, and Me


Day 12: Blueberry

Today’s airy confection is blueberry. Very very tasty.

Don’t you just love blueberry pie? So does my Sonnyeboy! When he was working as a cop and living in our beach house, he decided to treat himself to one. So he got a convenient frozen pie and popped it in the oven.

When it was done, Sonnyeboy grabbed some pot holders so that he could safely remove the delicious dessert from the oven. He lifted it up out of the oven, and the flimsy aluminum pie plate promptly folded in half, slipped out of his hands, and splattered all over the floor.

Poor Sonnyeboy freaked out! He dropped the pot holders and reached down to pick up steaming hot pie. He grabbed two big handfuls of molten blueberry goo, promptly regretted it, and flung the burning filling out of his hands. 

In a burst of self-preservation, he managed to turn on the faucet and shove his hands under the soothing flow of cold water. 

After he recovered, he cleaned up the remnants of his pie from the floor. And the sink. And the oven door.

And thus ends the tale of the horrible events of Piemageddon.