Dilly Dilly


Day 6: Mango!

Today's marshmallow, as you have no doubt figured out, is mango. I was never a huge fan of that particular tropical fruit, but mix it with a lot of sugar and whip it up into foamy cube and it turns into a quite nice treat.

So. I didn't get around to visiting the leasing office until late this afternoon. Alas, she was busy with a young couple. I'll drop by tomorrow.

I was wrassling with the authoring tool I use to create my documentation web portal all damn day. I'm working on a re-design of the damn thing and I could not figure out how to get a topic menu to display the way I wanted it to. I finally settled for Plan B, which will be fine. It might even be better. Okay then!

In the middle of this effort, I attended a meeting to discuss some new documentation. I thought it was going to be a small affair where I'd talk about my plan for producing the stuff and the experts would approve of the approach. Alas, it turned into a big swingin' dick of a meeting where the developers and solutions consultants all talked over each other to whine and complain. The upshot? Another meeting, of course.

I swear, it makes me want to yell "Just tell me what to type."