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Batman and the Bear

Day 14: Cookies and Cream

This sweet cube of goodness was delightfully cookies and creamish! I liked it a lot.

Right at this moment, I am watching Emergency! on MeTV. It's one of the later seasons, because Johnny Gage (played by heartthrob Randolph Mantooth) has longer hair - almost, but not quite, hippie length. His partner, Roy DeSoto (played by Kevin Tighe), is the level-headed, more experienced paramedic, while Johnny is the slightly dopey but talented noob. Johnny's also somewhat of a horndog who is always flirting with the nurses at Central Receiving Hospital.

Oh my goodness! The special guest star is Adam West! Perhaps he fell off while scaling the outside of a building!

Anyway, our heroes are in a pickle, trying to find and rescue an actor who seems to be lost in a house that's also a movie set and warehouse. Apparently there is a bear involved, but I could be wrong. Nope - there's the bear at the foot of the staircase! There's Adam West, playing the injured (by the bear? I do not know) actor. So I guess he didn't fall off a building. Johnny is trying to scare off the bear by shooting a fire extinguisher into its face. They get injured Adam West up off the staircase and head to a door.

Jesus! They just opened the door and there was the bear!

Well, the scene just changed to the hospital, so I guess they got out of the set warehouse without further bear problems. Johnny and Roy are visiting Adam West to get his autograph, and Adam (playing movie star Vic Webster) not only gives them his autograph, but also invites them to a party in Bel Air! I can just feel the hijinx approaching, can't you?

Commercial break. I am going to take this opportunity to leave Johnny and Ray to said hijinx and go to bed. Good night!