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Chocolate Chip

Today's marshmallow: Chocolate Chip

This cube of bouncy sugary goodness studded with teeny tiny chocolate chips was quite tasty!

I grew up with chocolate chip cookies. I have written about these cookies several times, but they deserve to be written about frequently. My mom made these cookies from scratch and memory in her trusty Mixmaster. I'm not sure if she started out following an actual recipe. By the time I came along she'd been making them for so long that she just made them.

My little sister and I supervised the making of the cookies. Well, maybe not so much supervised - we sat up on the counter so Mom could keep an eye on us. So, side by side, next to the Mixmaster, we watched as Mom worked her chocolate chip cookie magic, mixing, folding, dropping, and finally baking. Then we got our reward: a beater each to lick the cookie dough off of and the bowl to scrape with our fingers.

And then, after an interminable wait (10 or 12 minutes), the first sheets of cookies were done! But! We had to wait until the chocolate was less than molten before we could have one. Two, if we were good.

It was okay though, because we got two in our lunchboxes every day, which certainly sweetened the school day. Also, if a classmate had a better treat, these cookies made excellent bargaining chips. It took a lot to tempt us to trade though - like maybe a Hershey bar or Nik-L-Nips or candy cigarettes. Ah, the good old days!

Anyway, here's the reconstructed recipe. I quizzed Mom on the recipe one day and wrote it down. Let me know if you give it a try!