Dilly Dilly
Happy Festivus

Chocolate and Books

Day 8: Dark Chocolate!

What could be bad about a dark chocolate marshmallow? I’ll  tell you what - nothing. This cube of spongy fun was delicious!

The other night I casually started rearranging the books in our many bookcases. I thought I’d gather all the Stephen King volumes and put them together on one shelf. So I did.

Missing The Gunslinger. I must rectify that.

I had to continue with an overflow Stephen King shelf.

More King!

Well, a couple day later, I moved on to the Janet Evanovich shelf and the Armistead Maupin/Stanley Bing shelf…

Two copies of 10! Want one?

the P.G. Wodehouse shelf…

Bonus book nook!

and the Irish shelf.

Still have to find and add A Monk Swimming by Malachy McCourt.

Next up - Anne Rice, Barbara Kingsolver, the Sweet Potato Queens series, and random pairs. Eventually, after the author sort, I’ll attempt a genre sort. It will take a while, but book by book, one bite at a time, and we will have a nicely arranged library. For a hot minute, anyway.