Getting Ready
St. Brendan’s Prayer

A Year Goes By Like Nothing, 2023 Edition

Day 24: Sugarplum. Very nice.

Day 25: Gingerbread Person. How sweet - a gender neutral marshmallow! It was actually my favorite of the bunch.

So here it is, New Year's Eve, and we are hurtling toward 2024. I'm sitting here on the couch, writing the last post for this year's Holidailies. We've got the Little Feat Waiting for Columbus live album on the box, the cat is curling up in Joe's lap, and we've just had a fab dinner at our fave tavern.

Yeah, it's a quiet night for sliding into the new year. Just how I like it.

I hope that this time next year will be just as peaceful. It's bound to be eventful, so a peaceful end to the year would be a blessing.

And that's that for 2023. I wish you a happy 2024.