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A Year Goes By Like Nothing, 2023 Edition

Day 24: Sugarplum. Very nice. Day 25: Gingerbread Person. How sweet - a gender neutral marshmallow! It was actually my favorite of the bunch. So here it is, New Year's Eve, and we are hurtling toward 2024. I'm sitting here on the couch, writing the last post for this year's Holidailies. We've got the Little Feat Waiting for Columbus live album on the box, the cat is curling up in Joe's lap, and we've just... Read more →

Getting Ready

Day 23: Orange Cardamom This marshmallow was orangey and nicely spicy. I liked it! Well, the presents are wrapped and the pie is made, so all we have to do is pack a change or two of clothes, leave some food for the cat, and we’ll be off to SonnyeBoy’s place! We’ll also attend the yearly Christmas Eve party at my sister’s house, which is always great! It’s not quite “over the river and through... Read more →

Peppermint, Santa, and Me

Day 22: Peppermint I love peppermint. My favorite tea? Peppermint. My favorite chewing gum? Peppermint. Life Saver? Pep O Mint. Soap? Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Peppermint. (All one! All one! (IYKYK)) This time of year brings a plethora of peppermint. So far, I've tried the Wendy's peppermint Frosty - delicious. Zwahlen's, our chocolate and ice cream emporium, released their peppermint stick ice cream yesterday - superb. Finally, today's delightful cube of chewiness was peppermint! It... Read more →

Clowning Around

Day 20: Black Forest Sweet cherry with wee choccy flakes - a winner! Day 21: Eggnog I love eggnog, so this sweet pillow of flavor was right up my alley. You might even say it hit my sweet spot. Last night I joined a Zoom call with five of my Clown College classmates! We've been doing these calls since the pandemic, but this particular call was the first in a few months. It was great... Read more →

Sugar Cookie and Sleight of Hand

Day 19: Sugar Cookie Today's tasty sponge was Sugar Cookie, which was quite good. Not quite as good as an actual sugar cookie, but close enough. Lately I've been indulging in videos from Penn and Teller's TV show Fool Us. The deal is that magicians perform a trick, hoping that Penn and Teller won't be able to figure out how they do it. I love watching the episodes where the magician succeeds, but even the... Read more →


Day 18: Rose Well, this puff of goodness was Rose flavored, and like the Lavender, it tastes like it smells, which is weird to me. But I love the smell of roses, so why wouldn't I like the taste? My Mom grew the most beautiful roses. She had a couple of rose gardens in our big backyard, one up along the picket fence and one down by the pine trees. Every year she got a... Read more →

Lazy Latte

Day 17: Latte Now that's more like it! I liked Latte a lot, eh. (Sorry.) (Not sorry.) Seriously, the latte is my go-to Starbucks drink and this was a great marshmallow. We had a nice, lazy day - just like Sunday ought to be. We slept in (until 8:00, imagine!) and stayed in. It was a rainy, gloomy day, so we weren't missing anything. Normally we go out to lunch on Sunday, but it was... Read more →

The Mall

Day 15: Caramel Very nice! I love caramel, even more than I love chocolate, and I love chocolate, so I enjoyed this puffy confection. Day 16: Strawberry Cheesecake Also very nice! The strawberry tasted very natural in this cloud of sweetness. I braved the mall today. I have not shopped at a mall during holiday season for years and years and years. But I waited just a tad too long this year to get appropriate... Read more →

Batman and the Bear

Day 14: Cookies and Cream This sweet cube of goodness was delightfully cookies and creamish! I liked it a lot. Right at this moment, I am watching Emergency! on MeTV. It's one of the later seasons, because Johnny Gage (played by heartthrob Randolph Mantooth) has longer hair - almost, but not quite, hippie length. His partner, Roy DeSoto (played by Kevin Tighe), is the level-headed, more experienced paramedic, while Johnny is the slightly dopey but... Read more →

Coffee, Tea, and Me

Day 13: Earl Grey I suspected that today's marshmallow would be Earl Grey when I saw the pale slate-gray color. It was fine, very tea-ish. I went through a tea phase in college. All the hippies drank tea, especially herbal teas like chamomile and peppermint. My tribe liked the Celestial Seasonings teas - Red Zinger and Sleepytime were particular favorites. But I'm really not a tea person. I still like peppermint tea, but I pretty... Read more →