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Sweet Killarney and on to Kinsale

Monday was a travel day from Ennis to Kinsale, with a stop in Killarney National Park for a meal, a mansion, and music! Breakfast at the Old Ground Hotel was grand - lots of yummy scones, croissants, breads, cereals, juices, yogurts, you name it. Not only that, there were hot breakfast choices too! I grabbed some goodies and ordered some porridge for good measure. The coffee was good and strong; I immediately poured a big... Read more →

The Adventure Begins

We went to Ireland and it was wonderful! I will not speak of the clusterfuck that was our trip to Shannon Airport, except to say that we will not fly United Airlines in the foreseeable future. Or ever. So there. Wild Atlantic Music Tours is the company that organized our tour. Their tours do not just go to cool places. Oh no. Each tour features a musician or group that travels with the group and... Read more →