Tasty Holidailies
Shortbread and Stolen Sun

Shortbread and King Arthur

Today’s tasty treat? A lovely, buttery bar of shortbread!


We get a box of these cookies every so often and are lucky if they last more than two days. Such is the nature of the sweet buttersugar siren song.

Anyway, I'm re-reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. I first read it many long years ago - it may even have been high school. I had forgotten a lot of it, especially the bit where King Arthur, Sir Lancelet, and Queen Gwenhwyfar have a threesome and the bit where Lancelet confesses to Morgaine that he has the hots for Arthur. (Also, I know that Bradley is using the olden Celtic (?) spelling of her name, but I keep pronouncing the Queen's name as Gwen-highway-far.)

I took an Arthurian Legend course in college, so I find her interpretation of the story very interesting. I'm a little over halfway through, so I'm eager to see how she handles the showdown that takes down Camelot. In most of the legends, Morgaine (aka Morgan Le Fay) is evil, what with her having ritual Druidic sex with Arthur (her half-brother!) to produce the evil-er Gwydion (aka Mordred), but so far I'm pretty much on her side. I'll find in the next 400 pages, I guess.