Shortbread and Festivus
Shortbread and The Mads

Shortbread and Snow

I was tempted to quote a certain Wham song, but I wasn’t sure if that would send someone to Whamhalla, so I’ll just say that today’s shortbread is another delicious heart!


Well, a winter storm is approaching the area. It’s only supposed to graze our area, thankfully. The Pocono Mountains and Lehigh Valley are in for what the forecasters call “accumulating snow”.

I remember one Christmas long, long ago when I was but a young Bozoette - maybe thirteen or so -when I was finally allowed to go to midnight Mass and the after party that my parents hosted.

It was a very snowy Christmas. The street was plowed but still covered in a layer of packed snow. As we walked home from church, my brother and his friend Mike grabbed hold of my Mom’s hands. She leaned back and they pulled her along the road, like horses pulling a sleigh. There was hootin’ and hollerin’ and a lot of laughing.

It’s a brief, funny memory of a snowy night just after the start of Christmas. It makes me giggle.