Shortbread and… Shortbread
Shortbread and Pearl Harbor

Shortbread and a New Pen

Oh how nice! Another salted caramel shortbread square! I really like these - the wee pops of salty caramel are soooo good.


Also nice? This new pen! It’s a Monteverde Regatta in Black Mother of Pearl. So pretty! This picture doesn't do it justice.


I got this pen as part of the Mystery Box from Pen Boutique that I treated myself to as part of Fountain Pen Day last month.

The cap is magnetic, on the closure and the post. You don’t have to post it (unless you have large hands), but if you do, it’s still balanced. It’s very smooth, and I'm getting used to the broad nib. (A new broad for an old broad; yeah, yeah. Shut up.)