Shortbread and The Mads
Shortbread Catchup

No Shortbread. GYMKATA!

Well, the Day 14 shortbread will have to wait until Day 15, because I’m currently watching the cinematic masterpiece that is GYMKATA. I’ve been watching it for an hour and still haven’t found a plot.

It stars Kurt Thomas, the US Olympic Men’s Gymnastics star. He is a spy or something who has combined his gymnastic skill with martial (or should I say “Marshall”?) arts to defeat all sorts of bad and worse guys. 

In fact, right now he’s fighting an entire town of bad guys. Lucky for Kurt, the town just happens to have a pommel horse in the central square, so Kurt has no problem dispatching all of them.

There’s also a beautiful Princess involved, who is also an amazing martial artist, a gang of evildoers on horseback whose leader likes to kill people by shooting arrows into them, and even a mysterious fellow wearing a robe with no back that provides a nice view of his ass, and much, much more. I am not kidding.

I’m pretty sure Kurt will kill the evil archer, get it on with the beautiful Princess, and save the day.