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The Movening, Part 3

It's been almost six weeks since moving day and our new place feels like home. We have no regrets - especially after last weekend's strong storms and flood warnings. We scoff at flood warnings! (Not really, but we are no longer filled with anxiety.)

We have become IKEA experts! We approached our first visit in years as if we were planning a strategic attack. It was very successful; we were in and out in 40 minutes. The key is to arrive at opening, know exactly what you want, and - the hardest part - ignore all of the other shiny pretty things.

There have been several other trips as well, all of which have been remarkably stress free. To date, we have acquired:

  • Three bookcases (Billy - two standard and one narrow. And all of the books fit!)
  • Seven (!) lamps (Two cool column lamps, two bedside lamps, one track lighting fixture, one torchiere with an attached reading lamp, another bedside lamp for the other bedroom, and a wee light for the CD/DVD cabinet.)
  • Two dining room chairs (They match the two we already have. We finally have room for four chairs at the table!)
  • Four cushions for said chairs. (Well, six, actually. Two of them are red; the others are more of a rust red. We ordered the rust red ones online and didn't feel like returning them, so we used the rust ones and stowed the red ones for now.)
  • A coffee table to replace the old, unwieldy, too-big, wobbly coffee table.
  • A jar of cloudberry jam and some Swedish crackers. (Yes, that was preplanned too!)

We also discovered the joy of having taskers from TaskRabbit assemble the bookcases and install the track lighting. Worth every penny. Joe assembled the chairs, lamps, and coffee table with a minimal amount of cursing. (I stayed way out of the way.) Also, we discovered Click and Collect - IKEA's version of curbside pickup - for the chairs and coffee table. It worked like a charm.

In non-IKEA news, we are also down to six boxes, all of which are stored in the two walk-in closets. They are mostly full of winter clothes and Caps regalia, so they will be unpacked in due course.

My Gramma's corner cupboard is full again. We started arranging the art and the family photos. At some point, we'll hang curtains, and then we'll be done!